From the desire and the dance

"Where the desire is absent, the dance is bad."

A hardly debatable saying.

But, is, by the more pleasure the better in not quite exact reversal conclusion of the dance?

No, he is, at least in general, while there is still danced in public, not.

Dancers who (almost) only dance their lust too easy to lose the clean step.

That they may even like it, but the paid-to-do or even accidental spectators shakes deal sometime head.

Therefore deserves my respect to those couples who love each other dearly, but just a fortiori also capable wonderful to dance in front of others.

Because, well, not only there but also ibid, begins the higher art for me.

It is not just to Zweiich, Zweiicheinselbst, but all are, whatever they may increase.

This may be achieved not only the desire to increase it.

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