"Racism" as instructive blank word

It may be advantageous even provided if the one with whom you have a Handel, a bit goofy is.

But not necessarily.

Because if the rest around it rather also wants to be stupid, to submit its stupidity even from fear, which is not necessarily true. He wants out of his dumbness (perhaps even no, but a stratagem in exactly those abgezieltes) then suck his advantage.

In any racism accusation resist all those who do not want the religion of submission submit, both manifestations seem to prevail.

There are plenty Muslim Indo-Europeans (Bosniaks, Albanians, Kurds, Iranians, Pashtuns, Indians, etc.), Mongoloid (I save me now, continue to enumerate all), Turkic, yes, even Semites, Hamites, black Africans only, so far, probably not too many Indians.

The racism charge against people who do not appreciate Islam is hereby completely insane. (I do not say this for the first time, yes, but important has to be co again.)

But hardly any of dares this total, obvious nonsense counter.

Even Jews (often themselves Semites) are of racism 'accused of Arabs, whether Palestinians of their oppression. The same nonsense.

Now, why does this bullshit answer almost none?

Simply because people are afraid of the word.

You will not even go near his. (Unless you use it myself as a projectile.)

We fear even before that, as it completely wrong in a particular context and inappropriate to call, even if the senilste cock on the dunghill knows.

Something could anyway stuck.

Who denies that if a thing he was a racist, of which it is almost proved that he must be one, at least he will not shake the suspicion. He says. Until thinking he's never brought. And makes his pants.

When I see something like that, sometimes I really wonder what the people have to build schools, but apparently he learns almost nothing there.

This word seems to be something Schlimmunheiligeres even as the word "God".

People who can still be relatively relaxed as "wicked," "infidels" and so insulting to know if you completely unfounded "racism" accusing them of sheer panic not know where they (if they have not their eggs present happiness, I really do not, at least not for bundespräsidial waved through blending) should hide fast enough.

Serves them right.

Who submits to a word, even then, when each middle school sixth grade must see that it uses completely wrong in the worst intention is to eat dirt because of me.

He probably sees his earthly destiny.

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4 Responses to "" racism "as instructive blank word"

  1. Dude says:

    "Even Jews (often themselves Semites) are of racism 'accused ..."

    The best in this topic reference I'll find that even born Jews themselves, the "certain Jewish circles" deal! racism - and further, üblerem! - Accuse also quickly get pushed open the anti-Semitic racists temple.

    What a delicious paradox mwuahahahaha.

    Ps. Unfortunately, I the name of the Jewish author, whom I particularly mean here is omitted.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    "Brainless" is indeed one of the words that are known not reasonably be increased. About how "dead".

    What the racism accusation nonsense is concerned, but try again and again that even a draufzusatteln.

  3. gargamel says:

    When young Muslims urinate in the font of a church in western europe and the altar with fecal smear (for example in Switzerland) - then we must not be offended Christians. And probably quite backward and rather stodgy Brussels pastor had his church by the Belgian police evacuate after many Afghans they abused as a matter of course as a toilet. Of course, the Islamic Kirchenschänder were not sentenced to a prison term as that occasionally acting German who printed some Quranic verses on toilet paper.
    Muslims burn again officially publicly hundreds of Christian Bibles. Muslims are proud when they burn our Christian Bibles. Have you ever heard that the federal government protested against it? Have you ever Muslims fought in the German-speaking countries that in their countries of origin no longer our religion is insulted? Forget it!

  4. Dude says:


    "If young Muslims urinate in German-speaking in the baptismal font and the altar of a church with fecal smear (for example in Switzerland)"

    That reminds me what needs to be escaped. ^^
    That would still have to give a huge fanfare, which I probably käumlichst could have missed.

    Do you have to NEN link? A copy of our flagship sheep media does it need be also. ;-)

    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings from the Smurfs;-)

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