Dumbest slogan for eons pamper yourself

"Every text is impressive With Word!"

I just heard in Suburbstrottelradio.

That's the stupidest advertising slogan, did not take place since the Big Bang.

A run of dementia amerikanesisches Garage Klitschgasse Startup tries to Germans his Resthirnerweichungsware for sale.

The goads now but my ambition.

There must be a Sublativ be to determine a lower increase. Would be ridiculous.

"With Word, it depends on your sentences no longer!"

Too long. Too complex. Not understand most users. (Not even the dealers, and should certainly not be now.)

"Word writes Hers in sheep."

Beautiful alliteration, just enough for the löchrigsten flat spoon, but too little attention-grabbing. It lacks a certain something.

"Word makes them words!"

This is obviously suggestive, too aggressive.

"With Word quickly hingeknört!"

To colloquial.

"Word makes senseless right!"

Prosodic not bad, association mighty, but be too many "richtich" let the spell orally with border, which is hardly in the sense of the thing.

"Word's worried the Dudenmuden!"

Crap, did not quite work out. Stupid umlauts.

"Goes with Word's also disturbed!"

Memorable, but the "disturbed" distraught.

"Word gives you what no one does!"

Not unoriginal, but disturbs the rhythm comma.

"Written with Word, not Spell 'stayed away!"

To negative. Negations avoid.

"With each spasm Word will be heard!"

Congenial with the subject to be taken saying, but to offenhörlich.

"Brainless? Word makes you great! "

So one can not directly appeal to the target group.

"With Word and the next text is ausgeplörrt!"

It lacks the "We brothers, to the sun, the light!"

"Be Word I have time to Spätzlesschabe!"

Schwaben can no known high German. Besides, there should be schafsverschaben not only the Blödel between Alb and the Black Forest.

"Word does away with any nonsense!"

Back negative. But also Scheißele.

"Word always answered!"

A Pentagramma sublime syllables, the yellow never. Divine allusion here. Happiness. Blessed security.

This is of the time.

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