Stuttgart OB-election: Parties disposed of

Since a few days Stuttgart is zuplakatiert the upcoming OB-choice half.

What, I have never experienced a completely new, is that you can not on one of my tasks previously carried out poster for the face of the candidate looks resplendent a party name.

What means in the two collecting candidates for SES and left, for CDU, FDP and CDU, still might be reasonably comprehensible, is evident in the candidate of the SPD and the Greens - other, I already saw other? - Not readily available.

Obviously will stand before the Stuttgart no more politicians for a party.

All candidates seem to feel their own parties as a clear negative publicity to be ashamed before the citizens for this.

The common central Schwabe was thus once again extremely progressive, forced such bigwigs in his adaptation to the new zeitgeist.

A Mayor you need even in the Nachpostmoderne: But who needs parties?

I guess the CSU if they still possessed humor, could in Stuttgart loose a few hundred posters of one of them, kept the lower body half as blue white dachshund, hanging on the lampposts, and neither the clerk's office yet anyway the political competition did not notice it slightly.

Most of all I just hung out my fig next to the other figs and name them there when it should fly up yet, action art. And it would fly to well because my face known due to its high recognition value, at least in the southern city already more than many Hinzen and Kunzen.

A pity really.

First, I have no posters, on the other hand I figured just in case but with a hefty bill from the clerk's office.

Who knows who else because of choice, disturbance of public order, Coarse mischief, attack on the FDGO I know what, indicating me.

After all, the wine village has been up today.

Bin beforehand strolled times on market and Schiller Square, and many brave Swabians were already seated at noon at Viertele and dumplings on the Gass' and let it go well unmoved.

Maybe I'll call the campaign headquarters tomorrow at times and wonder why I as so not so out of it come (which they say here so if you want to express that you do not streamlined), who is actually of which party.

And that to me highly suspicious. Whether it's because only one give? I wonder if the KGB was behind this farce of choice?

Let's see what questions I still think.

It is probably, as virtually always arrive in such situations, the first answers given.

"I like the guys Dad- vo dr 'CDU wähla, on koi sow sechd me who because of isch. Isch d'CDU jedsed WÄGA Sellem Scheißbohhof Edwa scho Ondergrond em? "

"Ha noi, nadierlich edda ..."

"I han vorcher no oin vo de Griene free romlaufa säha, the hod so no Koiner elle ens Gfängnis!"

In Hamburg is the Ohnsorg-, in Stuttgart the Entsorgtheater.

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7 Responses to "Stuttgart OB-election: Parties disposed of"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Magnus because siehste times. I am not alone.

    I would be for monarchy. No parties, no Geklüngel, no commitment to anything, except to inherited wealth and power by genes.

    What opinion? Why choose? Why democracy? The Parliament is anyway only one without alternative Durchwinkverein. There is not even more debates.

    Unfortunately I forgot the year, but the day on which tilts the democracy because of the demographics, today is already fixed. From then it's for our children slave labor. Given that even slavery, but then please for everyone.

    So forth with the king. The main thing is the crown fits :) and then there is again a little shindig for the people, royal weddings, Waving and - most importantly - public pardons. Then get even Guttenberg and his friends their doctorate again, which then drives the ratio of university graduates to the top.

    There is no good, unless you do it :)


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I can here unfortunately my real insider information regarding the imminent restoration of the monarchy Neckar not spread publicly, but assure you that the 12.21. is yet to be seen.

    Only when the rest of the world has realized that he has not perished with her, the newly crowned king is experienced his and their proper homage.

    The heir apparent was the way - perfect hideaway! - Discovered in a back house in the west of Stuttgart, he alswo quite unremarkable bourgeois his small business leads.

    The High Council, which not only tested his blood line exactly, but also his moral suitability says to have everything perfect in preparation. (I'm just consultants, so that the throne speech hinhaut properly among other things, although some do, but I am not privy to all the details.)

    But I can still tell readily so much that none of the current Stuttgart OB candidates is identical to our future king.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    The High Council is of course aware that the paragraph movements of OB candidates representing their parties a last ditch effort of those conspirators, nor entgegenzuinstallieren him at Stuttgart City Hall a somewhat credible opponent from their ranks.

    You can see the very left.

    On the Wine Village is already whispering however violently.

    Sozen and blacks (even green!) Try their sporadic audience already to convince them that they were only the king occurred half as U-boats in their respective parties.

    It is simply not gone differently in the party dictatorship.

  4. Dude says:


    "I would be for monarchy. No parties, no Geklüngel, no commitment to anything ... "

    Exactly !!

    Who needs a party but is just too stupid and / or too lazy to think of themselves, oo or ...? : O)

    So let's set up a monarchy. A world.
    Jesus - or someone else in the style of Jesus - on the throne, with 12 point and 12 judges have advisers by his side ...

    Read more here: )

    And apropos Dämonkratie * lol *


    Good luck at the coronation. ;-)

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Interesting that you want to ask the king 24 Ritzer and Rater aside.

    Before the ceremony, I naturally have a bit afraid.

    I should namely (ER insists) represented the first measures of the new regent to the press.

    He reportedly said: "The guys koh Schwäbisch on 'Deitsch, English au noh, hod a Gosch wia a Maschinagwehr, verschdohd ebbes of education on Kender, läbd ed s lap on Braus, on hod mid ent whole Bardeiaseggel nothing to Doa. The nemma mer. "

    When I heard that, I stepped in front of my little secret shrine Swabia, presented the Ehwaz rune, and it did not sing in me alswie of this world.

    I also have one - as it should be, economically be translated - small budget, which will allow me, "especially for the Fordschridde of Geischdes of his Mainung nohch out zeichned häbende Persenlichkeiten" invite to the Inauguration. Whether from home or abroad.

    Even that I was once married to a Badenserin and fathered her two half-breed children, was from his early Highness not as desertion, but considered exemplary sign of reconciliation of Badeners and Swabia.

    "Koiner koh to the saga that he would en ewichgeschdrige Nationalischd, emmerhin hod he fir elle gopferet ond a Badensere gnomma."

    I never thought that I would be required times, statesmanlike act, but soon it will be well so far.

    Push 'me fingers crossed that I did not already failed on the first day.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Bookmark & ​​@ Dude & All

    For me personally, the events about to beat faster and faster.

    I insist my baptism of fire, so shall I be charged with loud Hoher Council to build the world's leading research institute on the subject of publishing in the world network.

    I can guess that I planned to make the quasi as Minister of Education so the side.

    Soon I will therefore lead probably a really big school tuition.

    Fortunately, I had nevertheless already smaller that.

  7. Thomas says:

    I want freedom for all. Then who is king, I do not care.

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