Math is' fürn waste

I do not even have to mathematics.

That once zero zero apparent, it may still be all right. You can see that immediately when one looks.

But that still zero twice once should be zero, but is it a strong piece.

That one can be none that has long been known.

But the fact that several times a none too only a one of none, that in turn could only be a none that is just too bold.

You can not make as many Keinsen further ado none, so it is not only not, but that too many times yet!

Since charlatans have to be at work.

The roofers it's not whether he once used for a non-brick or any number of times.

That would contradict but any reason.

And if I do not even seriously cut a thousand times cooking in the fingers, that's even better Nothing like it has only once or even never once occurred.

This Mathefuzzies all have a thick None of the waffle.

That is my view.

But quite clearly.

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11 Responses to "Math is' fürn garbage"

  1. Dude says:

    "The one zero zero apparent, it may still be all right. You can see that immediately when one looks.

    But that should give twice zero is still zero again, a strong piece for that. "

    Just take a look out into the world. As you can see with the right eye - you've probably one of the last, as I firmly believe - a gigantic mass of roughly estimated 6.5 billion zeros, all added together, no more and no less, than give zero.

    The zero is in fact - as the opposite of divine holistic father mother ONE - the symbol of Lucifer chaos that prevails currently on Gaja.

    Think about ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    The zero is sometimes treated as a whole, calculable number, then, even at the Division, in turn, not just in the calculus.

    But it is in our previous mathematics so useful (I have hundreds of times children explained) that you just organized this circus.

    Would not be bad if we finally could find anything better. Or what to do so.

    I have stated the matter more from the scientific side, as the morally undesirable ones.

    It added, subtracted, multiplied uninhibited nots, you can only divide not quite through it.

    This is how a classic makeshift.

    You have with the zero not get out.

    So much in any case I think, rauszuhaben.

    But that's associated with the esoteric Alleins also get no better.

    One can say beautiful, but so it is not explained.

    Since the Esos are what are the mathematicians at zero. Both the end is near.

    I have incidentally concerned me for years with numerology. About the Kabbalah, the runes, numerology comparative etc. Very instructive. But at the zero and one so far not very productive. (Well, there are theories that the -1 of the first half of twin primes before 5 and 7 was, etc.)

    We need other forms of access. I'm working on.

    Whether I'm liable to give our mathematics with respect to the zero problem as the prime key supportive evidence, I do not know.

    I just think with just times.

  3. Dude says:

    Zero is unusable in mathematical equations.

    It reflects the nothing and is alsomit to nihilieren.

    It is the antithesis of life itself, that is, the greatest possible distance from the Divine Self.

    Uncle Luzi is the perfect symbolic allegory, as well as the epitome of zero.

    But logo, of course, if you present this twisted Pseudomathetik the inject through the brainwashing channels in the heads, viewing, Math really is, if anything, even more than für'n waste!

    I speak here but from mathematics, which predetermines the basics of the functions of the multidimensional quantum computer (cosmos / universe)!

    And this is - apart from the silly times defectiveness of the law of causality - quite full of meaningfulness, and alsomit anything but garbage.

    It is in the core - again - only to the symbolism.

    There is nothing better, or what to but it always boils down always and everywhere at the end of the ONE beyond which the cores actually a symbiotic-harmonious unfolding, verfielfältigende and developing, eternal ZWEIinEINS (God Father Mother - in the large and small, and in the small and in the large, Greetings from Uncle Hermes;-)) is.

    And of course they have with the zero not get out, because they are stuck in it, as you know well!

    And the esoteric all-one is Habkuk its best, especially since the Spastennazis thus overlooked the biggest mystery of existence and life, namely the SIMULTANEOUS SET- & Mixed-BE by and with AllThatIs.

    But that is part of the global mind control system.

    Unfortunately noted's hardly a ... * sigh *

    And as for the runes, I would be very glad to receive from you once a private lesson since I hereby honestly have no idea.

    Perhaps klappts times fondue?

    Probably I'll go in late August, early September northward, and could actually very fond of snow over the visit have long discussed, it's popular. :-)

    Love greeting from Dude

    Ps. Sometimes the write-takers and lyricist can verstudierten mathematicians (and all other Verstudierten) but have more to return to the core of art ...;-)

  4. Dude says:

    Ps. Can you here do not provide for a subsequent editing of comments?

    And if not, why not?

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    First, the Technical. It just does not work, with the subsequent editing, except I myself am on application by hand. That's what I like to do when it is absolutely clear from reasons out.

    Simply better than no call two or three days in advance: for visits.

  6. Dude says:

    No, I'd never. Find it a shame that this is "just does not work", but well, if so, then I would, of course, already judge ourselves by hand.

    It's just that I find all my typos after the fact, and, if sent, no longer have the ability to eradicate this.

    Well, we have to hald the bugs .... ;-)

    Since I live Forever Now, here and now, I can not comply with your request, I will consult but then one day in advance whether it makes sense to have to race up to Stuttgart ...


  7. Bookmark says:

    Well Magnus, this is the math Tick

    If 6 people ride in a bus and get off 8, then have 2 back in, so that no one is inside.


    It was set theory.

    Nordic Greetings from bookmarks

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    I was also already sunbathe, but that I should readjust all comments.

    First, it will say to me without the express permission not to, secondly, that would be a tall order, and third, the viewpoints often go especially at the very punctuation apart.

    Otherwise: It arrived course, if you you want to report the day before. Would be nice if it finally worked, even before the blizzards sweep over the little country.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I knew the joke so far so: If minus four people sitting in a car and it still put four in, then no more sitting there.

    Also, the comparison does with other polarities. Finally, it is purely arbitrary, that electrons and positrons a negative a positive charge was attributed. And an electron is indeed a what (at least one Wellenwas) and not a Minuswas.

    And when I say there is an electron and a positron, then there is a result not nothing, but still an electron and a positron.

    Or do I let them go at each other, so free is a lot of energy, hereby re not nothing comes out.

    But many are already quite obsessed that nothing may come out when you bring together a male and a little woman. Or two hermaphrodite?

    There are no Minuswasse. Why not include the negative integers indeed aptly to the natural.

    It goes even further. That if I have two apples and nothing dazutue, still two apples are there, is just as well to see how if I do not wegtue of them. But I can now with nothing to multiply two apples to nothing, but the reverse calculation does not funzt. So that I can not say that zero is given by zero two.

    Moreover: Infinity has been defined as a non-number. The zero but, although it's only for 1 divided by infinity is, 9 komma 9 Period = 10 is (one infinity soherum mathematically acceptable), so infinitesimal that is allowed to play as a number, with the restriction of the division, very normal.

    For what you have found out so far in science and technology, this has image from the zero truly been good not bad. As well as that of the negative, and even the complex numbers.

    My gut tells me, however, that there is still something quite considerably (yes, a real What!) Is missing. Maybe the key to so-called free energy and hyperspace. So even interstellar bathing trips.

    (Maybe I should ask the TUI and Thomas Cook, whether I finance a few sabbatical. Or an advance trip to China, Burma, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Kamchatka, the Amur and the Baikal, with a side trip to Altai Mountains, spendieren.)

  10. Dude says:

    Not only math is' für'n garbage - money also.

    "Sooner or later versa paper money to its intrinsic value - zero." (Voltaire)

    What would he have said about it, if he had known about the technology in a megalomaniac future seemingly appearing sham existence of bank money?

    Ps. It would be far too much to ask.

  11. Dude says:

    Too bad that more than 99% of the world's population believes that endlessly strung together zeros, decorated with some ones actually had something real, making appearances - at least in the washed brains - but the apparent shift from nothing to something accomplished, and alsomit the illusion is almost perfect.

    Ps. How can you still may be gracious to whether the completely lived illusion - I can not go more than laughter laugh about it ...

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