Figures of Thought: Where is the Stoa?

If you hit with the Stoa goal better?

Is the Samurai, the Ninja does, in fact, a Stoic?

The mason, the blacksmith?

The woman giving birth in the birthing pain?

Are not all brave Stoics?

Can we ever live without Stoa?

Can a philosophy suck, who wants the man to take his passions?

How stoic is sleep itself?

Can be Stoics not only when one is thoroughly dead?

Is the perfect Stoic lebicht not already dead?

An Undead?

Keep the Stoic a glass of wine, but not two?

What should the Stoics at all?

But sometimes covet, enjoy sex?

Rejoice when he won in chess?

Is it possible to send one in a striking fraternity?

How slow smokes the Stoics? So slow that it not its virtue goes out?

I am myself a Stoic, because I see the Stoic doctrine so calm?

How loud can laugh at how unruly look forward to a Stoic?

Shoot the Stoics about not kick if he does not have to?

Maybe he does not shoot even just right because if it is the need?

Which party in Germany is the stoischste?

What makes the Stoics, if you want to cut him the bag?

Can the Stoics play?

Can the Stoics also a disc Käs' forking out on his ham sandwich?

Like the Stoics hold it with the rabble?

As he raises his children?

Who asks for advice when the Stoics? Can he even ask someone for advice, except yourself?

What would be the ideal of the Stoic?

Pride, even, with open eyes, mild Gesichtsaudrucks?

Or rather strict, something transcendent look?

Can we, just so chummy knock one Stoics, on the shoulder?

Will he consider to be inappropriate, unnecessary, irrelevant, occasion, or a Stoic natural, friendly gesture?

How strong must swear a Stoic, he has vigorously cut his finger? Is he allowed to swear at all?

Can a Stoic be a witness?

Well, first asked enough.

With such simple questions, some answers would probably soon result.


To the point of our own: I speak on the Dresden philosophy festival "figures of thought" from 3.8 to 5, 8, also on the subject of Stoicism, what with me as "representatives of the Stoa" on Sunday nor a final panel discussion (motto: "Garden or barricade ? ") is in critical dialogue in terms of the Aristotelian view, take place. And, of course, along further questions and suggestions from the audience.

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