Special people joke

This article was the beginning of an commentary towards readers Dude predecessor "Away with X and W!" To its own contribution.

@ Dude

We should of course not grunt or bark. For there we would not only unbelievers, but also to unclean animals.

The times, dear Dude, as the Europidäer could still casually entertain, to work all jokes that are simply over.

There are people who have been able to put our jokes very active boundaries. Full particulate limits. There is no one offended equality. Some are exquisite offended than others.

This process, whether it is Islam, "Europe" or the Genderismus currently penetrates deeper and deeper, through all the cracks.

We will be pointless.

This is seen as a whole, the purpose of the exercise.

All these phenomena depend undoubtedly together. Because they follow a clear pattern: the power of people pointless!

Take them with the same laughter still the word!

I want people to say and think what they have to believe!

More and more words, once innocent words, more and more idioms and proverbs, stand on the unofficial index far umfässlicheren be herauszensiert of our languages ​​in terms of memory eradication.

Not about what indeed encouraged, überwallt of a engleutschen crap sense, but specifically eliminated.

Recently I was able to let me teach in that one "Hail to the / of / the ..." nowadays no longer say, better should say, because the smell, at least too many for some kind of Nazi diction that I did so, which means that a Such a formulation is in any event not more happy.

Since it Hulf nothing, as I said, it nevertheless the effect is as competently consider Direction and well-paid professionals now certainly not lacking anywhere to spiritual healers and healing practitioners and generally in body- as soul health care professionals louder when it does not even have them swarming, so that the wishes of salvation (in bold desire movement today, which struck me as a grade but not yet) but could not be offensive suddenly.

No, no, did so around the salvation just now some Gschmäckle, and I also do not change!

Well, we will see.

I attribute that is a list.

And what regards people word and joke, I can be very persistent.

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10 Responses to "special people joke"

  1. Dude says:

    We should uproariously laughing, especially popping them their prohibitions and regulations, their restrictions and their conformity, their patronizing and their terror to the ears that it cracks in their convolutions!

    If this is idiotic full of assholes but fuck all crosswise, that there are still chasing them the heck out of the last hole.

    Or was now too vulgar? * Lol *:-D

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    This was by no means vulgar.

    Nevertheless, it is true on some level - just here, too - to show that we know what we do not want to take us; namely our word collection.

    Much as the inertia in weekdays important: We must be like the Stilsichereren the more able semanticist.

    Only if we maintain the superior language, we will maintain our chances in the current situation.

    This also means that we, although, especially in the sense of one's own, original language Kreativtität have in the preservation of valuable linguistic layers quite conservative, both with the NWO buzzwords show the brain loops, much more agile and juggle easier to know ahead.

    I know very well that many people will say that it is ridiculous, as the as kapriziert on the power of language; but there are money and economic resources and science and engineering, which determined the world, not about some real sentences.

    I see it but known quite different.

    Is not always the talk of you can not see it at all the Neoreligionsdöns that people searched again stop beyond the material, technical, purely functional variables?

    Well then: Exactly whom they can pass through the joke, by the crudest to the most subtle, even, the latter consolidate former ausbauend.

    Still, I'm not going to announce the joke religion. But if it continues, it may still come. Then I can namely be obererzbeleidigt when a my prophets, the jokes, my Allgott, the joke itself, somehow mocked.

    Then I drag out a insubordinate, public order disturbing Hetzsimpel just simply to court.

    It truly is not missing much then, until I made mental world political reasons, not with a light heart, a certain amount of time to the religion's founder and long -. Has to be peacemaker in order to show his current operation the necessary magic mirror

  3. Dude says:

    "This also means that we, although show in the preservation of valuable language layers quite conservative, both with the NWO buzzwords, the brain loops, much more agile and juggle easier to know to have a belly especially in the sense of one's own, original language Kreativtität forward . "

    The problem, however, lies just bury such alsdass the Neusprechgeschädigten often means are no longer able, such sentences as the above-cited to include in all its depth and complexity, if even standing friends of well chosen and expressive language just such must read aloud to the idea really take in its entirety.

    How will you expect from something regimented and their own free thinking compulsory retirement system slaves at all?

    Of course, the well-chosen, individual language - in deutlichst dargelegter manner - a sword such (seemingly) indescribable;-) field, that whole mountains of questionable thinking schemes - schnipschnap - zerhackstückelt and zerbrösmelt, but it must still of course be varied according to the capacity the raised circle to expand into these very large.

    Without the big picture is, ultimately, the best is not nearly the value that it is just a value!

    That is what is indeed the well-formulated wit nor the larger weapon, like a Hagen Rether, a Volker Pispers, a Willy Astor, a Renato emperor, Julian Heun and one other to prove over and over again.

    You Germans should never forget, or never admit it, that it is made you forget that it is one of the most terrific comedians around the world.

    Of course, according to the Swiss ...



    As Ps. Still a fun blast beyond compare is a bit too long, so with the right guide is ...

    -> https://startpage.com -> "doctor automat" enter.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Quite right. The levels must be observed very well. Each must be achieved.

    Here, I allow myself the luxury of not rare, should that be one to write so that it will not start any unwilling hirnverbogenen TV Hunz faithful to His understood immediately, and I'm not doing what is found also yes, because my other did not like, but to inspire one hand and on the other hand also a bit of clean up.

    Clean up Insonderheit so that all who do not believe as some Schmonzes still may tolerate "Crackpots" Spinner were, with more than just a dip in the bowl, half-formed, detached from the world, not seriously dispute capable of "dropouts" Out Fallen, Freaked, that would be with two strokes of his pen to sweep to the wall.

    Incidentally, I have ever written a popular play (classical five-act), a bavarian comedy, it's called "Winter in St. Anton". I have never published a passage, I know, belongs defused, but otherwise applies since all the thing must go probably times (first use is of 88-89).

    Since people are easily snowed quite idiotic in the Austrian mountains, well, and then human touch between all Menschele, ie, verkrachten existences, finally so powerful that at the end of six (I think of elves) protagonists wundersamerwerweis three happy couples find out, and the lack Gejuchzes not.

    The Gigolo Findt the Neglected, the slide the Pushed, the wallflower August (damn, I already do not remember exactly how the piece goes, mainly goes out), or something like that.

    Yes, those were the days. Maybe I should write a comedy again.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    People on stage are important.

    If it is present, I will also comedian.

    As a teacher, I have 15 years of professional experience.

    I can write my own lyrics, and how one makes a fool of oneself and not by looks terrific, what the other just going once again with one, I understand qua life experience not a little.

    I had actually not going to be Kasper. But what I had everything before, determined not to be! Oh! How often has not already worked!

    Did I lie now a very credible, so I just claimed that I would have been completely unwilling to satirist, just some affected me-do pretty shabby circumstances of cynical self-protection sake.

    So bad but we do not lie here.

    The good satire taps directly on Urquell.

    At Borne of pleasure.

    For their wickedness is the laughing.

    On the other hand, in aphorisms, it is not rare that you lie a little, more precisely, dizzy.

    This is because sometimes the actually 'salt in the soup.

    As for me but to this semi-linguistic philosophical seminar what this text regards to close for a long time occupied the most is the prosody.

    This includes - oh dear! - Sometimes made something of their own. But I'm doing until I get at least donated half a year working holiday.

    Oh, and, yes! -: The whole idea holographically imaged in a sentence!

    It sometimes succeeds!

    Here we like to fly!

    Presentation of facts and scenes in clear strokes; a style where it is to be understood also clearly sets; and as a bonus, he has gefühlige each layer in the luggage.

    Since Nietzsche almost anything went.

    These are, if you herrechnet of his last utterances, well over 120 years!

    That may all be the same.

    But I do not.

  6. Dude says:

    Your inspiration work is quite appreciated, believe me. Too bad but it's kind that sometimes your just too unusual formulated fertilization, only on earth and casts, which is also already enriched full of nutrients and water, which automatically weitekreise of today's vegetables excludes in advance.

    In order to speak again in parable form ...;)

    "Yes, those were the days. Maybe I should re-write a comedy. "

    Maybe you should all of us pre-first your old pound piece present, especially as probably or certainly now, no publisher can be found after 13 1/2 years. Because I read every now and then older articles from myself, and ask often chucked that I - as my brain has become a rather coarse-meshed sieve and eaten away ^^ - of them even self still draw a lesson ...

    "If it is present, I will also comedian.

    As a teacher, I have 15 years of professional experience. "

    Hehe, I know that somehow, even when things are not yet 15 years, and even if I would be officially traded by the vast majority do not as a teacher ...;)

    One must never forget, never !, to laugh while, while one is "gebasht" of all sorts of pages, or is covered with shit storms ...

    ... For they know not what they do ...

    Thank you Magnus, and love greetings from Dude

    Ps. To satirist is, once the actual backgrounds and contexts of everyday running Real satires one IS firstonce again really aware on the stages of "world history" is, or will be again aware, almost automatically, at least if you do not whether the wants each and every day and preached madness perish.
    Pps. Every now and then you have to exaggerate immeasurably to make really clear what is going on.

  7. Dude says:

    Oh, by the way here is missing the preview function, otherwise I'd see the stupid typo and can eliminate each. * Lol *;-)

  8. Dude says:

    Here's what very much worth reading ...

  9. haschmech says:

    "Take them with the same laughter nor the word!"


    I have made the observation that it often lacks even religious orientierenten people to joke. To get them with humor, then this is immediately bumped off. Here they say: Thou shalt not kill!

    "What we do not want to take; our word collection namely "

    We have let us take much too much. Now they want the rest up too. Is it any wonder?

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    There are 23 1/2 years.

    Maybe it is now again or only now modern.

    When I'm back from the Wild East, I look it to me, since it is now almost half as old as I, probably again to.

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