God, There, Gaia: Who wants wrong 'testimony?

As it seems, are topics that are roughly outline as esoteric accumulate, in the so-called silly season: and it works - oh horror! - Such as if I am classifying in this trend.

Lots of religious (for me falls the less), Crowley, deaths Farseer, return specialist, God's words, alas, even the survival in Quantenkolosseum fighting elementary, the Catechism of the theoretical physicist, secret societies, of course, the Jesus question, archaic, magical initiation rites: all kinds not really classic Scientific came here recently to do so.

To a certain extent I think that's funny, and sometimes, that would be foolish not to admit, I call this kind so in terms of an ongoing debate also natural out.

Annoying it is but if not an intellectual or theoretical progress is achieved, not even one that fit on the concrete now.

So everything revolves in a circle, seen too little Postgraduate.

This happens very easily when respective discussants do not want to agree on a joint of the general (or sometimes avowedly other, but then exactly!) By the common used form of language use certain encyclopedias notes, do not, because by terminology such as " God ", even" justice "and" freedom ", want to move outside the normal understanding in their pre-stamped intellectual special room, often compulsively, often dominated by the fear of losing their security, often the glows that their master or prophet or God or priest've said this correctly and understood. Or that there and there now times that and the stand, what rich per se.

To put it on the to illustrate an example: When you tell an average Germans, his freedom would be that he God must submit at any time, would be adopted, even if he has been a non-believer and a sinner, then the counter well, that him as graciously granted freedom given this kind of subjugation before his boss enough.

Or, he can well believe in God, but its a do not ask something fortunately.

"You go willingly the yoke, otherwise you're cursed!"

Well, that is what can not be based here.

"Haschmech" meant earlier in a comment on a (supposedly?) Muslim boys circumcision advocates, who had repeated to me to be a hater accused that the Koran is a book that could have written any idiot.

Since he has a bit of an exaggeration, because so many exhausting repetitions holds not even the average idiot from: better, so he knows it endlessly wengistens not sit himself again and again to such bodies tirelessly.

The fundamental analysis of "haschmech" but is permitted.

In all that people should thrice say: If you think, especially since his own praise, still continuing to a multiple of many times to ask for everything, must, then in between even once hidden essence, flaunt temptations threaten Entrottungsstrafen, endless, without bringing a really positive message, because the in-doubt-Allesvertilger was so very merciful so, what he demands from his murder, in addition to the lure, permanently repeated: might have impressed a Goethe Yes, it may. (Although I am skeptical. Though he likes a lot and log.)

His pomposity but actually differs structurally not fundamentally different from those of Allah. And his way of Lügerei well. After all, he propagated in Wilhelm Meister, a pseudo-spiritual, maurerpfäffische manipulation and monitoring secret dictatorship.

I want to have said almost nothing, yes.

Just a Extemporale to today's school report output areas in the state.

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12 Responses to "God, There, Gaia: Who wants wrong 'testimony?"

  1. TanjaKrienen says:

    But it is the trend! The confusion, straying, Wirrung increases with uncertainty.

    Sensation! Inflation Saints are back! Her first Guru: Sahra Wagenknecht! http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inflationsheiliger

  2. Dude says:


  3. TanjaKrienen says:

    A Leninistin through and through. Who will fall for it, falls just ...

  4. Dude says:

    I do not even exchanged a Sahra against Tanja, especially because I would suffer a loss of value beyond compare ...

    Oh, that was too bad? Fuck it and enjoy the summer. :-)

  5. Dude says:

    About a hundred Tanja's what I meant, of course ... or thousand .. no matter ... am always in the summer holidays, so do not actually here, so these comments may also like studiously ignored ...;)

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Medium Light complaint.

    Otherwise reduced in this way to see a meaningless surely now zuzuorndende Tanja, so with "summer easygoing", does not find my benevolence.

    If you had at least made a good joke to do so. Tanja is, as I know them, because quite robust.

    Tell her what you like so much at the Sahra and her hinwiederum or comparative setting does not match that sparks fly; you are welcome; for this forum is there; crude reduction but should not be your level.

  7. Dude says:

    I am disgusted va, that they dared to dub one of the last remaining serious people in your Bundestag with a scumbag like Lenin.
    Sucks ...

    But anyway, I know for some time that the Madame and the dude probably never be friends ...;)

    More explanation does not exist.

  8. TanjaKrienen says:

    He can not and has no argument, since he does not know what Leninism transported so. Thus, the states of the 2012th

  9. haschmech says:

    "Thus, the states 2012"

    Not for long, for soon is doomsday. Hear, hear!
    There must be a reason that the world is round. Maybe they schibbelt someone down the aisle.
    The gravity there certainly net without reason. What adheres to the surface, according to the Schibbeln platter than before. Leninism, Marxism, Fascism, fetishism, everything belongs nuked. The only question is, who has mastered the art of Schibbelns of planets? The man was never far further than the Zerschnibbeln, but he does so well with each other.

  10. haschmech says:

    "Of course the Jesus question"

    "The loving Jesus hunts demons in innocent pigs", Julius Schnorr von Carol Field, 1860
    Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_%28D%C3%A4mon%29

    To save one or two people only by their own obsession, but have lost their lives in 2000 pigs. Why, why, I must now think about the swine flu?
    How many pigs would now have to give their lives so that all mankind may be released from their obsession?
    Where ever begins the obsession and where does it end? The Bundestag may please to adopt a new law. Pig crop, where there's something like that? And if they do not give to see all the demons, what then? Your neighbor could be a real pig and you do it Do not you. With no intention "l".
    Because if all Legion hot, how can you be able to locate it? Since RFID does not help. Mainly because yes Jesus is not there to put them in the necessary unrest. Oink, oink!

  11. haschmech says:

    "Who wants wrong 'testimony?"

    All those who give all their attention dominated by the state press.
    All those that can make the Bundestag times.
    All those who are obsessed with at least one demon.
    All those who only pretend as if they were not a pig.
    All those who look at all possible and impossible Schweinekram on television or otherwise and-where.
    All those who call democratically the German Democratic Republic today.
    All those who call democracy and dictatorship mine.
    All those who go to the polls and did not see that they have no choice.
    All those who see the future of the people in the conquest of the universe, but otherwise do not understand a.
    All those who believe themselves to be a man, but a woman are, and vice versa, because they have already been turned over.
    All those who have entered into covenant with God a strange, where the snip to pieces a fold of skin plays a role bloody.
    All those who oppose my work, because it does not respond. (What can I do?)
    All those who tell you I do not think anything more!
    All those who are waiting for a visit by aliens.
    All those who say aliens were already here, but are long gone again.
    All those parents of students who desired only ones on the certificate.
    All those who believe in global warming.
    All those who are waiting for the next terrorist attack.
    All those who believe that Japan would radioactively uncontaminated.
    All those who think that this list could ever come to an end.
    All those who ...

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Yet because of your Antitechtelmechtels respect Tanya's.

    I talked yesterday with one of my most attentive reader about and he said that - yes, here we are again! - Would have been admissible if necessary with real names, those that your Dulcinea, certainly not entirely groundless, as Leninistin called to oppose such.

    As to praise Urs Grünbirn from Chur or Beat Naegeli from Solothurn your Sahra in such manner, by You degrades another across from her who has never courted your favor, although would not be the pinnacle of good style was, but ...

    We make no further Geschieß 'of it; maybe you think times about it.

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