EU banking Stan or Europe!

I just read again, as all the time already, Sayings of Oberwirtschaftsfuzzies which amount tenor after on nothing other than what you constantly of our recorder Party politicians listen: Only "more Europe" (to say, even more Eurozentralismus, Euro bureaucracy, much less democracy ), more give up sovereignty could help, no alternative was what probably else now.

So if you have done something wrong, you have it exactly in the same direction only still make the wrong, so that everything will be better.

Again cut off a piece, and still too short.

The methodology is fully transparent: First one controls knowingly into crises, to which then still require more gubernatorial and Commissariat dictatorship to ostensibly single solution and enforce.

Who wants to tell me that skidded as all himself only in that could not so different, it was just fate, for I have possibly even a tired smile: must not be politically sane well, a completely brainwashed by the Sheep Media spiritual existence result.

We are here German played on most vicious of all European nations verschaukelt and on the wall - if need be, they threaten how those unspeakable Joschka Fischer, the Nazi-club: if the Germans about Europe for the third time within a century to destruction wanted to overthrow? -; I wonder but still at the naivete of the French, Spaniards, Italians, etc. to the effect that seem to suggest can be significant parts of the evil German low-wage earners would only pay all their own early retirement etc., and everything was butter.

Because these once-proud nations will have to give up their national independence as well as we, and if we, now, with the best intentions can not pay the whole thing, the end is in site.

Then Brussels saving Commissioners will descend in these countries over everything they find, the national parliaments finally there too talking shops for good alimentierte traitor, will the banks of the remainder of what is available in new bailout, without which it simply does not work, in the throat stuffed.

It is freezing cold and according to plan, to plunder this rich continent, destroying its cultural diversity, its spirit to grind mercilessly by, along the way, the peoples against each other rushes back to them then, like naughty children, especially to even harder to take a hard, eventually ignite perhaps even real wars, if nothing works, so the last valid to show them where lead "national egoism", the total EU-dictatorship, consisting of political commissars, high finance and corporate bosses, a post-modern corporate state to introduce a transnational fascist system.

However, the thing could go wrong miserably in terms of those forces.

Because the people could see that they actually all sit against this in a boat.

Italians against Brussels! Irish to Brussels! Spaniards against Brussels! Dutch to Brussels! ALL GENUINE EUROPEAN against Brussels!

A GENUINE EUROPEAN loves his namely Europe! Because of "anti-Europeans"!

THE are the true anti-Europeans who want to take any pleasure in Europe!

Even still it they have intercourse with their black propaganda all reasonable concepts into its opposite!

Their "more Europe" is nothing more than less Europe!

Because their desire Europe is a police-state bank Stan.

No wonder they seek to overthrow the national parliaments and on.

These people are cold coup.

History is but a two way street.

If they continue like this, their dictatorship at some point can no longer be maintained by means of shooting commands, they will one day have to be lucky if you even leave them in old age Hartz-ration under house arrest.

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10 Responses to "EU banking Stan or Europe!"

  1. J € $ \ / $ says:

    Nothing there! The executioner is directed, the judge goes home. How to run. Afterwards, they will make excuses. As always. Those which we get hold of, will claim to have only done their 'work', it did not know.
    Since the French Revolution, which runs like this. Children and cannibalism.
    The large eat the small. And the little ones eat each other.
    No one is innocent. Me neither.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ JESUS

    It can always be different than before.

    You spread defeatism; but not me: it pulls down.

    I am innocent of it, yes.

    After also in me - always with moderate success, but somewhat effective - youthful infatuation carried out I realized about 25 years ago, at least already roughly what's going on.

    Since then, although I have also worked for money - I would have to be about bum or criminal? - But always drawn especially for me very hard, adverse consequences, scolding and ridicule it on top of it captured me, eaten none of the proffered carrot long, not enriched me in other inequitable knocked out repeatedly offered careers, yet founded a family , and krattle now for six and a half years as a male single parent of two only guys, so dregs of society, to myself, always, as much as I could of Use and capable, the word as actions, I do not know when leader ever to my advantage, against those .

    I let me sing no blame from anyone.

    Only because I've also eaten a Käswecken, a good bottle of wine drunk, times where it would have done even less to Lake was driving.

    "We are all to blame!" - THE Gift prefer not purely ICH me.

    That would have liked some.

  3. Eberhard Schneider says:

    Juncker and Schäuble have told it openly.
    We create a crisis and then everything is accepted what we want
    and dr German Depp is not packed

  4. R. Oland says:

    The people in the background, the puppeteers are very powerful and absolutely ruthless, as this example may make clear

    Nevertheless, what I just do not understand: What has to happen for the politicians and their accomplices in the MSM, the NGOs called, "scientists", etc. finally wake up and prepare for the hustle and bustle come to an end.?

    My the about that would enable all of it "at the end of the day"?

    Or think about the, just because no one talks about certain things, there is not any?

    HAARP and radar / microwave engineering or chemtrails, to name just two times highly dangerous technologies, but are the general public as well as unknown, and those who have heard of it, they regard as a conspiracy theory, are those techniques. Either is a lie that the bar bend - or just not say anything.

    Just brought a public broadcaster - in "W as knowledge", I think - something on the subject of conspiracy, even to 11.9.
    Since you can only switch off, it is absolutely disastrous. Make the Yanks really have any content, and this Kasper only read from?

  5. eric says:

    Thus, the dismantling of the pack start ...

    Hunt begins: Islands Government is a bounty hunter on criminal banksters

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    Well then! If the Special Prosecutor in Iceland 100 people gets, this would correspond to extrapolated to the German population, a financial jackal Jägertruppe of 25 000 men.

    As would be one or the other brigade not only for Frankfurt in it.

    Sometime sitting all the rabble to be a matter in jail.

    If it has not gone done in time.

    But, who knows when certain people even Brazil but now delivers.

    Panta rei!

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ R. Oland

    Very interesting link regarding HAARP, especially since the text was published in 2004, about the "project" but in the media sheep next to nothing - if ever - has substance is reported.

    I'm no expert, not even a double zero-secret agent, but I am, convinced her of everything that I learned to very strongly that this thing is a gigantic infernal machine.

    This has now not directly to do with the EU banking Stan, but because the same people run both, just turn yet.

    They talked and likes to talk of the "military-industrial complex" (Since mass murderer Eisenhower's departure speech as an American President): But the driving principle of the financial is suppressed perhaps not accidental.

    In addition, as if that was not enough, geostrategic attack warfare not the kind that they would have been invented at Lockheed or other arms producers, but those that the Brzezinski doctrine, it follows clear policy guidance.

    The average Americans are stupid as ever and of all their sheep media day and night in the far Vorsatze that they still believe that would bring them something.

    Meanwhile rot their power grids, you can go swimming in street puddles, then, tasered properly by friendly Officers to have breakfast before the fast food meal in jail, afterwards, to go moldy no money in his pocket, first 30 days of any stinky jail full of wacky and drug dealers. If you're lucky, you come out with a straight nose and is still a virgin.

    All the money, for the military, prints you look at it myself. Where HAARP seems to grobschlächtiges means they send out drones to carry out targeted attacks in all sorts of countries. Alongside its commitment unpleasant nuclear scientists and microbiologists around, here and there, sometimes a politician or banker, everyone that it just takes hold.

    Sometimes you have to tilt even American presidents. Statistically, the not so rare.

    Too bad that the Chinese can think for themselves and now hold nothing of unconditional submission. And the Russians - but shit shit too! - They had already fully wound on, everything went splendidly, because so was initially a shy-looking dwarf from Petersburg and was gradually almost everything back to nothing.

    While China and Russia permanently modernize their infrastructure, scruffy U.S. empire with military bases in 150 or so countries, internally, eradicates away.

    Therefore, the suspicion is not far away, we had Western Europe, EU banking Stan, already chosen as the future main base: so, everything would fit into the picture.

    I was shocked in the seventies was 14 years old, which brought to a level of education peers from "good" white American middle-class families; with much effort and luck they knew most of their states to find on a map voreingezeichneten; I doubt that it was better since then.

    Comprising the vocabulary of the average American, I guess, depending on how active to passive weighted reasonably sure about 2000-5000 words. However, even in their primary meanings and side main meanings.

    This people is mentally pretty at the end.

    Yes, it was the early eighties, I was a black GI in Würzburg stay a couple of times on weekends in my dorm room and got so with what for extremely complex study material ("Oh man, I must study this, much stuff, very important! ") he was carrying.

    It was klassich drawn comics in black and white, with speech bubbles.

    Just that since the early Mickey Mouse was not traveling, but always one with an assault rifle.

    The black man was actually a very polite, nice young man, nothing of a Bronx Bulldog had to be. At that time I also studied biology yet, thought less on the linguistic side as such.

    And white Americans, as Hollywood it represents are, (yes now I vergröbere a little, the night was short) either gays with a helper syndrome or fairly pointless macho Gockel that even before the most dangerous task (the usual shootout) ridiculous masculinity rituals perform , only to pull out with a rising chest and thick perimeter in the battle.

    Oh, it seems to me I've become somewhat talkative.

    Maybe even once a woman says what.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    Ultimately, the EU banking Stan is just a game piece: It may be the crucial.

    THAT would be the worst precipitate Gnau (largest non-credible accident) for: - so that soon the rest - persons going in a natural community with Russia the worst thing that ever the devil has come up with it if they are economically most powerful countries of Western Europe would the NWOler.

    China could thus arrange very good, do good business.

    The Japanesen would probably rather glad than sorry, and Korea might be reunified peacefully.

    Finally, even India and Pakistan would find each other again some extent: Everything else would be too stupid.

    Much of it is overlooked or suppressed only too happy to run, even in these rational direction.

    However, neither the Russians nor the Chinese will pay the price for us German.

    Any thought is airily dismiss as ridiculous.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    It has always said no woman something, and therefore I listen to more.

    The exchanges are on our mindless total pledge.

    That is, whether one likes it or not, a strong argument.

    They are convinced that it is better if the German is krummbuckelt for all, because if he no longer did so.

    Now can we have long known stock market gurus are wrong also.

    Who wants to earn long-term to European equities, would see the matter in my view, quite different.

    For German, which one gives freedom to simply create by themselves a lot more, like when one is able abzupresssen them!

    Seen: a miscalculation!

    I have learned in the last few years so many compatriots who live a certain extent in the legal ground, since although they never commit crimes, have but pretty much roped down from the now running store their things nevertheless, persevere, continue developing, even if they just find a recognized place, although it These kinds of activity also usually no shortage of ridicule.

    ALL THE could you have, or shall we say rather, sit on it, and profiting from: But your goals relies on a debt / debt status of those who you like a lot easier and better filled the bags, as your currently allows them!

    Are you all a bit Bluna?

    Well, you probably can not otherwise.

    You think just simply what you say two or three handful of people.

    I suppose you do not therefore seriously.

    Your thinking is the same from the center of the sandbox to the brim.

    As long as sand is there is weitergebuddelt.

    After all, You may already drinking wine.

    're So against young children quite privileged.

    You let out of your already Hans girl in the sandbox.

    But that's about it.

  10. Dude says:

    While endlessly long, but very worth reading ...

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