Among brothers

Aphoristiker meets old colleagues.

"Well, now used for spring already?"

"Where are the eight cents pledge?"

"What, what?"

"From my very last beer bottle in which you post Trunkem also my ulteriorste filler cartridge have weggeschmuggelt. I bet you have also destroyed the oral, rather than to buy you at least Kitchen coals for it! "

"This is an outrageous insinuation!"

"Yes, what then?"

(The former takes out his bitten Norma filler and screw it up, frowning and with a reproachful glances.)

"There, siehste times, I gave you back the whole cartridge with over half the content! Finally, we are brothers! "

(The second takes the cartridge holds them to accurately Check against the light, then carefully places it with the opening at the top and seal them against dehydration reverently with a small newspaper beads.)

"Good, and the pledge?"

"I thought we solve only one, if is with you or I really need the man."

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