Of the money drivers and the spirit

Since the powers of money are so ridiculous and fragile, as the money itself, which they spend attained, the mind, alswelcher the natural contrast of interest, again its value.

Too early to cry in fact "Hurrah!": But we professionals are all on the road to victory, if only because that madness nowhere to hide more.

Everyone knows by now that this exercise only greedy perversion and madness.

However, it suggests yet, has many guns that without this madness the world inevitably must fall into chaos, at least in a fatal retarded development (if not the same in the third world war, because that is, at least indirectly, if not directly, also threatened ).

Basically mankind is alswie stupefakt before, still do not know what to do about it.

"Either more or madness very soon even greater catastrophe!" - That is the roared message digest them still unable.

But some are more advanced. For example, I. I think that also is not a word.

Why also: First, they have lied all the time, and secondly also gives the only nonsense.

Everything they promised has not kept to keep everything they have promised, they have broken.

And much most of what they prophesied, not arrived.

Meanwhile, I think, when I hear such "internationally recognized economist" or something, although I maybe one (which one?) Likes to admit that he was not a complete idiot, at least try to reason, instinctively: "Again as a jackal or of purchased or anyway idiot! "

The lie has long been apparent: it must it only be completely.

The spirit is there.

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