Hello Culture flatfish: toll fork out or drown!

I'm going to the culture plates, those who think they can introduce a "culture Flat", do not explain why this is good even by the seichsten and shallowest backyard pond.

I have already enough explains. Maybe even too much. Well, what has happened. The surf technical but rest remains a secret now, in my head before I do not 100,000 euro payment are set for it.

The pirates can easily ausspröttern Green and other malade, already half upturned Thither driving to be gekneippkurt and for all of their grandiose Irrpaddeltum one.

Extremely low. My social price, so to speak.

Do not want to pay it, so I'll watch the spectacle with relish as their gills and scales mutually schaluppieren to hot steam and ableichtern until that sometime this comes out, after seemingly endless, leaching virtual battles and Bermudaschippereien what I already completely clear.

Because after I'm now expected to be one of the bad concrete overheads, I want to wear this special honor title with the appropriate consequence and dignity.

It may have cost me twenty hours thinking, definitely klarzuwerden me about it, in all material waterways, so that can be navigabel never a arrant nonsense, a mirage is the horse latitudes.

Proponents should now like to ride alone against the cliffs of the Unlofoten, no matter where they come from and what they are called.

I knew quickly to deliver them from their maritime Ordal.

But that costs the earth-fixed amount above.

For the times should realize that not only shoes, rolls and sausage are not in vain.

And it is very cheap, or would have been, once 100,000 toads spawn, rather than blabber, hundreds of thousands aberstviele hours each in lake bottom and seabed.

My account number there at any time, free time being, anyway, as long as not too many certificate requests from shipwrecked go to check on me.

Necessary data for see Imprint.

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