ADHD: Christoph Türcke is struggling in the FAZ

Here I want to be a very interesting interview on strongly recommend about ADHD and society to read.

Of course, not without a little critical to accompany it.

The respondent - Christoph Türcke (he has a book entitled to written "Hyperactive criticism of attention deficit culture!") - First performs very clever how and why our society is largely affected by a attention, a veritable cognitive disorder and sometimes even eaten ,

Finally, however, he comes to a solvent or improvement approach that initially sounds good, but then (either the estimated FAZ journalist Christiane Hoffmann has not noticed or ignored) resulted in an extremely dubious waters.

For Türcke proposes to schools a subject called "Ritual customer" introduce, so that children again learned to collect seriously, rather than to rot mentally only between frantically changing screen snippets; no reason a bad idea, but the trick lies in the reality of this world.

So now the necessary Quote (allweit feared, always attentive legal department of the FAZ be merciful unto me: It is just one of many passages include response).

"In secondary school should be on the basis of this performance practice (the Türcke previously sinnigerweise advocates for the elementary school; note from me.) A separate subject ritual customer be established, religion and social studies combined, also with regard to the number of hours. Social structures are nothing more than deposited rituals. Making the range of ritual for the whole of society aware - that it were. Non-denominational, but with a sense of the importance of religion. This would have been in school a forum for the conflicts that arise from the multicultural mélange, through all the cultures and subcultures that meet in the school. Learn confession would be an important point. How do I plead to what important to me, I hold sacred, without hurting the other case? This could all be edited in the ritual specialist customer. It would therefore individually and socially soothing character. "

So non-denominational, but with a sense of the importance of religion. And confession would learn an important point. To what is a sacred, but without the other hurt.

What if the one I say it just now very hard and shortened circumcision is sacred but the integrity of the other lobe of his?

And, Let not, everyone should, at school CONFESS?

As has one - or need it here, where you can read, yet other examples, like the nearby above? - Either not considered in more detail, or proposed a program that almost inevitably to a form of übelen in practice - at least tried - brainwashing led.

Now such I consider as a remedy for ADHD resist unsuitable, no, worse yet, a systematic, yet kränkermachende, almost perfect for selected complementary Endverschärfung.

With school, I know my way a bit. Not only because I visited some are, but because I have 15 years experience tutoring across all school types, and on top of that also raised three children.

No, no, Mr. Türcke, which would be a forced multicultural, especially soul-consuming (except perhaps in relation to the known quickly offended - "their religious feelings hurt" - sublime Muslims, which total consideration contrary to accommodate course a must) Granatenschiet.

Not like that!

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7 Responses to "ADHD: Christoph Türcke is struggling in the FAZ"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I've also read this article and consider him mischief.

    Not only that.

    First, I was wondering what that's probably for a hobby philosopher, as zurechtzimmert such nonsense. I stand by my obvious gap in education. I did not know Mr. Türcke. So I googled him very highly fashionable and found out that he is not a hobby but a philosopher professional philosopher, which does not make it necessarily better.

    Much better this issue and phenomenon of permanent alert has (check emails ....) Incidentally, Schirrmacher described in his book, Payback, I can really recommend it as worth reading. It is thus not only that formerly was also not the world, exchanges are crashed or the business climate index plummeted when you went to the restroom without a cell phone and pager. He also addresses the growing inability to read, such as statistics, generally to deal with numbers and especially on the growing computer orthodoxy. It must finally agree that ejects the machine as a result, because after all it is a machine without calculation errors.

    It ends in the question of why one should learn spelling at all, but if Word XY has an error correction? Why do mental arithmetic, if there is a calculator and Excel XY?

    The addiction of having to constantly check emails or retrieve new information, has more to do with our human need for recognition, as with ADHD, as if constantly new messages come here inge floats, text messages or calls, then one finally is important - and who would like unimportant be.

    Personally, I think it is because with Thom Hartmann's different perception. There are just two kinds of people - the hunters and farmers. Our world is increasingly ruled by farmers, thereby easily accomplished by the hunters stigmatized as "sick." The probability that a hunter teacher, is close to zero and in that nearly 100 percent of teachers are farmers, hunters will be banned and thus those who can take the company to new heights. Projects such as the Hunter School will remain expensive individual projects and since we can not provide a parallel universe to our children, they must find their way in this world.

    Very simplified, but overall a coherent explanation and significantly better than that of the amateur diagnostician Türcke.


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Interesting approach, with the "hunters" and "farmers".

    And - as ordered in the stable - does this Türcke naturally be a state-ordered, well-being absurd solution. That does his reputation and his bag certainly not bad.

    After all, he brings some not insignificant theses. While not new, but it is good that rotates the Diskussionsrad.

    You start so slowly become interested again for what constitutes the whole person and whose understanding, empathy, ability to love, fulfillment.

    Is it even came up with the nobel prize suspicious idea that it was not perhaps its newest mobile phone.



  3. Bookmark says:

    Hi Magnus,

    You would not believe how sorry you compare it with the time to be thrown out of ever new wellness solutions. Still ne therapy, yet a new learning-learning course, still a collecting and concentrating exercise, nor a parent education course. In the FAZ is also one that wants to send in each of these topics at once all mothers to train because otherwise never anything can be with the children. Whether it likes it or not, he writes again from new parenting classes ...

    Conveniently, he also writes under the nick "BeziehungsDoc".

    "Let's go fishing," the fisherman said to the worm.

    Yes, the market niche finder.

    If the company would really be something in the "whole person", empathy, attachment and capacity for love, it would make the first years of people other than just propagated. One would do everything to ensure that parents and children have a protection zone, rather than to exclude them further and as herzupeitschen with a water cannon in front of him.

    But that's another topic.

    the bookmark

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    "You would do everything to ensure that parents and children have a protection zone, rather than to exclude them further and as herzupeitschen with a water cannon in front of him."

    I totally talked from the soul!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    The Kinderverstaatlicher from crawling age naturally work with all the first of the prescribed - live performances and later paid by the needs of the systematic disturbed, very well together - or aufgeschwatzten.

    Anyone like Eva Herman, on the other hand uses is flattened.

    Whether Türcke is one of the really bad finger, I can not judge, because I know too little about his work otherwise.

    Maybe he has indeed just what zusammengewaft again in the brain, from which he could hope to match the zeitgeist, will increase his popularity, increase its book sales, and not really thought about what he calls there.

    "Confess learn" as a school subject: but please politically correct. This is nothing more than education for ritualized and graded according to the power lie in this regard.

    Either the man knows the reality in German schools, or he is a dreamer, or ...

  6. Bookmark says:

    Hi Magnus,

    cui bono?

    For me, these are all niche finder. Since so immersed a "professional philosopher" out of nothing, and has also, like his belly shop with new courses (About) survival techniques it. What a coincidence but also. What can I say?

    Likewise, this BeziehungsDoc from the FAZ that wants to send the mothers in appropriate courses also always the same. And yet take a look at the past 50 years to determine that no course that would have been held in this period, would have resembled one another. And all course doctors have sworn oaths that education without this course is nothing, nothing can be.

    In the 68-ies would probably all courses common Throwing Spaghetti and includes parents would have been recommended to watch their children quiet during parental sex, or to be at the birth of a brother or sister here. Everything happened.

    20 Years Later, the great Debate and Democracy round would be broken. Everything would be thrashed out in minute detail, starting with whether you prefer the green or pink toothbrush would want to take the morning or if the child prefers today to go in your pajamas or no clothing to kindergarten.

    Today, some prefer to back set limits, others would rather not. Bueb and winter Hoff prefer the one that speak of uniqueness and authority. Other birds of paradise invent Fun and Care kindergartens, where guys running around in princess dresses and nail polish and the girls wear the craft box. As different authority and identity can be defined. Nevertheless, one missing male role models!?!

    For What? For the nail polish remover?

    From textbooks to be rewritten gender justice now, I wrote once before.

    In short, there has never been a right direction and all course inventors do this for your own good. Somehow their own pockets must be full but eventually. Now it's the ADHD.

    What, however, has never really supported, is the real acquaintance between parent and child, the 100 percent adjustment to child in the first months and years and although impartially and without influence. This is precisely the most important of all, because we are all on the supernatural beings. Thus preventing the formation of the innate instinct was that lies dormant in everyone, but first has to be awakened and sharpened.

    But if you allow that, you are from their hands, risking that it is actually the parents know better. So bothers you that peace wherever it goes.

    No, the ratio of the Germans to children is always unentspannter. There are fewer and fewer of them and there is now a whole society crashes it and blundering around in it. As is spoon-fed, defames, insults and mass exerted pressure. What is right simply puts the parents in his pocket and called "promotion" is pulled them on the other side twice and three times again. The impoverishes families and promptly carry all the Prekariatsstempel. How Steinmeier expressed? The care allowance is an educational disaster. Well, considering that the state will provide a nursery place for a third of the U3 children, then is the opposite that two-thirds of the children cared for by their parents. So if these get a little support, then that is an educational disaster ???

    Why you should choose someone like that?

    Sorry, expert lectures and factual representations of the actual situation never come to the German political surface.

    Worth reading:

    No more family support! - Prof. Dr. Anne Lenze


    the bookmark

  7. wiedermal says:ährlichste-droge-der-welt

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