From Abhaaren and leek Stink

After I've just been wrapped with such tiresome issue as any anti-Semitism accusation, I will return to the more funny and healthier things in life again.

Namely: Help hair growth remedy for heavy metal pollution?

You laugh?

Wait's starting times.

As far as I know, the human body this dungy heavy metals is hardly going unless by olfactory clearly perceptible sweating garlic (sulfur bond) as well as hair loss.

But how to turn a hair, has none?

I advise about anyone who wants to do something for heavy metal detoxification to reactivate his Neandertalererbanlagen epigenetically. While that is no longer "in", since vogue only Ganzunhaarige s, but significantly healthier.

So sad and true at the same time is science.

Only those who stinks and sheds like a dog stays healthy.

The rest gets in his brief post-modern life may have mass entkaretinisierte girls, durchpfählt with ass antlers and in any place, but then goes a pretty pathetic. (Whether he doing then but the leek Stink and Abhaaren last setting even begin to be seen., It's too late.)

I probably have my radium therapy from the still quite rustic 70s only so survived (purely physically, by one of those owed Hirnzerweichung I can logically know nothing), because all the Säuzeugs landed on any of carpets and all sorts of sewers.

I do, so to speak losward at public expense again. (Hopefully not reach me by this coming out now too many serious damages.)

Kluge, in any case, and hair stink that it crashes and there's no tomorrow only.

The like doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, whose minions against all not to Penunze to be made car therapies, of course, do not like to hear.

As you can quickly see how little it has with its robustness is.

Which is in fact no more dangerous than to be understood on its own nature. The need is so smooth looking for a decent job, the Lauchentstinker, Abschwitzer and Abhaarer prevailed.

But for now they have almost only me as an enemy. Hardly a sow reads what I preach, from the few understand it even less, and almost impossible to draw any one know salvation from my words.

So: By the end down to wash the skin, shower, until the doctor comes precaution shave everything, so that the whole heavy metal shit drinbleibt.

So you die at earlier stages, but at least as respected citizens.

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2 Responses to "From Abhaaren and leek Stink"

  1. Rainer Grzybowski says:

    "So: By the end down to wash the skin, shower, until the doctor comes precaution shave everything, so that the whole heavy metal shit drinbleibt."

    That really is contrived on the hair part ...

    If it stinks, the heavy metal-sulfur compounds are already on the surface. Water they will hardly drive back inside.
    (By the way: washing provides a remedy even if of bacterial butyric acid.)

    Why, furthermore, only unusual, but not cut hair, Sch (w) ermetalle to entrain yourself to my technical understanding escapes.

    It smells of hydrophobia.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainer Grzybowski

    I am very happy that your scientific spirit reaches into my (partial) satire.

    But at this level is far from everything so simply explained.

    First, to my knowledge, it is not clear whether (especially soap moderately supported) evacuation of sweat, so abgelauchten heavy metals from the skin surface, measured in an undisturbed, further exudation has an improving effect.

    Second, to my knowledge, it is unclear whether hair, healthy, ie unabrasiert, may grow out until the fall, their Schwermetallaustreibfunktion not able to meet more effective than short stubble scraped. Since frequent shaving can but sometimes even to enhance hair growth (as some Everywhere-Rasierfrau, today even some corresponding Rasiermann, want have unfortunately found), could the natural Abschwermetallfunktion, apart from the inevitable skin irritation, therefore, be relatively healthy.

    For me personally, at least almost day as Absägaktion, otherwise known fast powerful itch (what may well be a physical signal?) Still not an option because I would rather die half a year earlier than ever to shave two hours ( in the face I do that too, but not necessarily daily) until that even the upper ass back was scraped clean, because the bottom line is not counted.

    To what extent with respect to the information document nor a conspiracy of razor blade and soap manufacturers, skin cream sellers, etc., apart from doctors and their friends, the undertakers, there may be not to promote the natural heavy metal separation just, I can not judge yet.

    That water contact could hardly hurt however, to the effect, I agree with you instinctively. But as soon involved knives and bases there, I'm there - to the effect agrees with me even m. E. more serious part of science - not so sure. (Apart from the inevitable micro-injuries and the damage the acid mantle of the skin rarely intersects although probably one a nipple from, are Körperpflegeautodekapitationen although probably also nich often, the dark figure of directly or indirectly totrasiert haves probably low.)

    So I can you mind at rest that I do not look at water as a life-threatening and, accordingly, thus Bypass.

    But probably "pierct" modern man, as I gewitzigter, cadmium & Cie. today just out. There may times detritusmäßig, bum anti moderately, sometimes tear off a Viertelsmöse, but who knows what chromium and related to this, lokalhomöopathisch used unintentionally more than just balancing blessings rich, able to effect.

    After all, you've got nothing really Basics objected to the leek stink. (Again, if you dare, you eat garlic, too, such as whether Wildsau Eberhard wanted to march.)

    One more thing: You are aware that the mercaptans from alcohols are chemically very similar. By the by, also the good moderate consumption of ethanol in biological clean-derived form may even help that you can leave the knife lying in the closet a little more often and also do not always have to smell only by water.

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