Thine to take the lead

As we have found out to a point far beyond utmost clarity, the abyss of misunderstanding progenerates freely in our world, weening Itself informed anywhere, on anything, anytime.

The systematic undervelopment of competent readership skills forms the basis of that.

Let's not be equivocal about it: Sure there are the conductors of the MSM, And They quietly have clout; but the crux of the sake is a lack of will, wisdom and subtlety on the part of the many; even on the one of many of the few.

On many things we are not supposed to know, grasp, connect, it is a mere mass of dead alleys, sidepaths, red herrings, esoteric and spiritual deviation did puts major landmarks in its crap; and, of course, "Truthers" may even be paid disinformants, sheer agents.

One has got to get sort of legions of "Truthers" fight eachother over tao and toad, time Nazi trash in the molten stinkpot, and again regurgitating frightening religious and mystical memes, 'tween microchip implants, the devil beast and whatnot. Chaos at work.

Anyway, all this false flagpoling, the crackpots and cranks, the thugs, the rabble, and its flunkeydom, the creeps, arselickers, shills, quacks, reptiloids, resurrected, reincarnated, reinspired, hallucinators, traitors, story tailors, beach drywoods, venomous witches, guileful bitches, fair sorcerers, gigolos and agnostic parrots, mind the masonic mules, jack puddings, armageddold dealers, herbisaints, vegewonderlanders, all the kitsch and the paraphernalia of sinister dropouts, buffoons, pnerds (neologism; fr: "pneumatic". plus "nerd"), doctors of asinitis, Dyslexonians from the Pleiades, lost poets, affics of apedom, hivewisers, fluke warmers, roundabouts, viruses, bugs, bots and spiders, leeches, nitwits, pesters, mold dwellers, sack swallowers, be it short-tongued, the perturbed did we have had to know now, lead us to the path of sanitation.

Thou who hast availed in battle 'gainst the fools /' Tis thine to take the lead

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