Minus brain plus spiritually equal

U.S. researchers want to have found that there are in our brain not only a Gottort ('God spot'), as has been long speculated, but that several areas to work together if the person is spirimäßig it. And obviously can damage in the right (ego) side of the brain, especially the right parietal lobe, if the Divine Providence did not provide such per accident injury, also induce pray or -meditieren.

"He (Johnstone, NB. MWG) found did the Participants with more significant injury to Their right parietal lobe Showed to Increased feeling of closeness to a higher power."

(He found that participants showed a more significant violation of their right parietal lobe, an increased feeling of closeness to a higher power.)


"Although Johnstone Studied people with brain injury, previous studies of Buddhist meditators and Franciscan nuns with normal brain function have shown did people can learn to minimize the functioning of the right side of Their brains to increase enlarge Their spiritual connections falling on meditation and prayer."

(Although Johnstone people examined with brain injuries, previous studies of Buddhist meditators Expensive and Franciscan nuns have shown with normal brain function, that people can learn to minimize the operation of their right brain to increase their spiritual connections during meditation and prayer.)

One can therefore, which is nothing new in itself, at least bring meditate or worship a temporary roof damage.

And since the brain is a umdenkbares structure, can be so, certainly achieve with enough hard work and a permanent right-sided roof damage, so it makes some point no more effort to minimize the functioning of the right brain, because the already almost resigned is.

Would now time to examine interssant, whether the regular consumption of LSD, toadstool and henbane leads to such Hirnverkümmerung in the sense of higher spirituality, or whether these paths give a different picture deformation to approach higher powers.

Anyway, I know now more accurate again, so I my sons, they should ask me afterwards, discourage clear of excessive praying and meditating in terms of their cerebral health will; finally have at least psycho-Amis scientifically figured out what Papi supposed only from the literature and to be able to deduce the history of religion and personal life experience.

Form all but the simplest forms of therapy for religious Cranks: Simply prayer withdrawal and an exercise program that stimulates the right brain. So like the battered body back healthy over time.

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2 Responses to "brain minus equal plus spiritually"

  1. I says:

    Hach her apes ...
    Actually, it does not worth talking about such topics. You call yourselves Zeitgeist ... it Amputee ye, a part of your personality. As has been correctly identified, a person needs both brain halves. One hand, to fathom the Researched and other hand to grasp the unknown, to be seen and then to explore. How do you call the unknown and what you would expect including, each itself may be left. Basically, he thinks anyway always the same. How it all right to say "God is in you and around you." This has nothing to do with organized religion. To believe in something ... does not mean a drawer to belong, just because what make extra money. Some clarifications exploit that ... ignore the true message, because they could not earn anything with the right message. But it depends on you, the realism of a brain ... but without the other, you would not even realize that there's much more than that ... what your blind eyes, dull your senses feel you see and heard. Do you find only times the 90% of the missing matter in the universe to .. your crippled theories also to prove and then comes back. Zeitgeist. ... you are an insult to the word "spirit". Amputated your brain tells you only ..., it also recognizes other things, man has forgotten how to interpretation. He knows that there is still more ... and that this has more to influence him, otherwise he would not register it. And probably there are already things that already no longer perceives his crippled, other hemisphere. It's obscene to believe in the unconscious ... lol ... There is nothing worse than arrogance from reality. Just because one is blind, it does not mean that there is no light.

    nice day.



  2. Dude says:




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