War artists?

Under the significant title "Dear freely as just" expresses itself a Michael Seemann copyright in the Internet on SPON .

"Some people think that I am arguing against the copyright law, because I do not begrudge the artists. No, I do not begrudge the artists all the money in the world. But faced with the question: copyright or free Internet, I do not hesitate long.

If the Pirate Party does not dare I call it state: Beat the copyright from "- so elegant includes the man his plea!.

Soso, he treats us to do all the money in the world. So much we do not want. Workers and factory owners and decent policemen, teachers especially, are quiet even get some of it.

Parable not funny, because as someone who wants us emphasize our (potential) sources of income replacement - because of tangible compensation he reported nothing - so generous as our patron occurs?

Will probably mean that he wants to forbid anyone to throw us a few cruisers in the cap. And who has just slaughtered his rabbit who loves us like to throw a half Schrumpelkohl and two carrots in the artist remains ton behind Marienplatz, without the good citizens should be ashamed. Also used long underwear one particularly likes to take in the fall.

Such hypocrites we are nothing but people who are quite rightly homeless if their worthless products, brought to the status of beggars. After all, no special mendicant control is still required, we need not make the artist begging certificate from the clerk's office. The other beggar, however, will be less than enthusiastic when they get so much new competition.

The prettier of us can of course also go to the artist line (which will in turn find the Altprofis not funny), along the lines of, if you buy a picture for 'nen Hunni, may also once again to do so. If he then dalässt it as a donation, he may even for 'nen Fuffi. Lucrative and perhaps many more pleasant than begging.

Remain jugglers, Jeck, street painters, street musicians, Wanderpoet, Acrobat, shoe cleaner (no, is not that would work yes, and lose a reward), spies, collecting bottles, the remains of spacious restaurants.

So worth it for the artist, where he has not just a stage commitment, or a good customer base for original pictures or sculptures, only the ephemeral buffoonery, the streets joke of the moment, no Tifteln to higher, more durable, as it is not him the world still even in the case of greatest success, worth, at most bealmost.

And if the Ausnutzergesellschaft the artist such enemy, is not to long about the artist be hostile. Not everyone, but many.

Yes, I admit it: I have not made it as an author, a work so well for sale, that it would have really dropped something. After state of affairs may change at any time but. And just because it has not yet been brought to great commercial success, why should the previously created things once a lot are not worth it? May I not at least more hope and put that thousands of hours of hard work, which resulted in works quite well, which experienced a certain appreciation could be eventually rewarded? Even if you often do not write what they want to hear the crowd? Would mean then, at geschasstem copyright that I should be happy about a miraculous spread of my works, but just barely, for the last scorn and antics, and certainly nothing would get it? Have on the one wheel? Ever have one there?

No Dear Ones, I will not mitbetteln (except maybe as a PR action, such would already displayed), and certainly not go to the bar, for specialists that are on-haired monster, but the obscenities blast of Stuttgart, a very evil brat, the people stuff says that I'd rather not copied over, or when, no matter the collection bag is full, those of the traveling poets of the Sorrowful, so that it does not matter how many network monkeys have unfortunately missed the original spectacle, yes I wondered then ever give. Trilingual. In Swabian, German and English (it makes the world market more difficult free for many rauszuholen what and bold move it, hehe).

But at the same time would occur in private, if at all on a computer, then to someone who only knows me as an outside connection, deeper, so Boshaftiges that the author, when he is in the La Cage Aux Folles, which the network then almost completely is liberating to thieving pleased each free download, how much more so about every shit storm where the Empnerdten of all countries against the abominable inflate their worst enemy, his work addicted, delirious ausgeifernd to expending he is refreshing because as their throats as trief-yellow bilious zerzogen millions Borgs, which rotate in their cubes, a half thing irrelevant as would be ineffective, this does not, strangely enough, so that all circuits play hyper individually crazy, until the Queen shakes and bursts.

Makes you so ready for something, your love our patrons. You we will treat something.

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  1. rundertischdgf says:

    Copyright and artist right? The even want to scan the thoughts of their own pirates.


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