Why terrorist acts

Firstly, I want to on the previous article " Terror benefits Sarkozy "refer, whose knowledge I am providing here.

Let's look at certain rituals. Especially those that you normally should not criticize.

French President Sarkozy ordered after the murder of a Jewish teacher and three Jewish school children at a national minute of silence in all schools. I do not know that anyone would have dared to speak up against it. This is certainly not only because no one likes will surely draw the expected charge that he would bring Jewish victims too little compassion and respect contrary; but also because the questioning of such events is practically already become a general social taboo.

But I ask. What power is the terrorists, the terrorist granted when every school child has from the actions of a perpetrator to stand still in front of him,? What is in front of it, there and then sunk to images and impressions, in such ausnahmhafte way in children's souls?

Does not everyone extremely Hateful, especially in megalomaniacs, a triumph feel, even where not only zuschauend when he perceives this? "Look, Allah Mohammed (the name of the offender in France probably actually) given the power to scare all French children!"

Will not feel the strength of the "dark side" by inwardly grinning, mitschweigen, even corresponding teenagers?

You do not normally learn at every police academy, that megalomaniac first time must take the faith to their importance, their potency to induce them to give up, to deter imitators?

And if half the world her - in the alleged dimension in most cases hypocritical - dismay, their "deep sorrow" etc. expresses, on all channels, which is not yet more grist to the mill of the (potential) terrorists?

Not feel any reasonable person the hypocrisy when seven innocent victims in France (we let the three times as soldiers "innocent" apply) so infinitely more important are, as several times as many in other countries?

Does this not also the hatred just many Muslims, where entire wedding parties with the kids of NATO drones feigst be blown up, because maybe there is a Taliban, only to increase even further?

Is not the hatred of "the evil Muslims" kindled in the hearts of the other side still further by the matter will state increases as the media so?

"Does" the terror so certainly not "better", because if there except for necessary prosecution only would be a concise statement of the President, otherwise, carried a personal testimony with no frills, tight-lipped, stubborn, hard of contempt against the child killer? In addition, perhaps only a memorial service in private circles, without the media, with a short address by the respective mayor?

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One Response to "Why terrorist acts"

  1. spiegelei says:

    The whole story was so predictable from the start like a bad Hollywood movie, embarrassing ...

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