Adoy: The "zwerchste man in the world" lives

The poor little creature, which was elected last year to the "ugliest dog in the world", is dead.

It answered to the name "Yoda". I already knew from "Star Wars": There is, an abundant unsightly, dwarf ichtes Oberjediritterchen with wobbly donkey ears so that my children first rather "cool" found. It dies peacefully with 930 years.

Not quite as cool found my kids Yoda, as I, his angesichtig and anhörig, explained that I by no means one, no matter how small and wrinkled and ostensibly example, could be classified as cool, the over nine hundred years, still not even simplest German learned to formulate (or rather English) sentences in the correct word order. As far as I sat listening, speaking this Heldenknilch not a sentence richtigrum.

What does this have to do with the canine Yoda? - Well, in Star Wars is a superhero constructed, which is either an idiot, or the people - even even in the worst war situation - for centuries annoying with his gibberish and takes on the arm. Great children's hero. What the election of the "ugliest dog in the world" is concerned, then this course is as certainly not healthy fun more than bare perversion: For here is an innocent animal so solely on the basis of a negative characteristic, but rather the sum of several negative characteristics to lifted the shield, so that all the effect itself being able take delight to make themselves wayward humanoids a fun look at the creature and its "competitors" have a creepy-sad-funny-sensational living subject.

It surprised me not - it's probably likely - that there are now breeders who dessenthalben Extra particularly wayward dog breed.

This is abnormal literally.

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