Talk shows more stupid?

I have no self-assured knowledge, whether the level of most talk shows really is so much worse than before, because I look no more for years.

But I've been watching for some time the trend - for reviews of stupid TV shows are sometimes very enjoyable to read - that the TV talkers get away from bad to worse. Sometimes it is really snappy, spiteful, malevolent.

Well it happened to me, just two days after Michael Hanfeld in the FAZ Markus Lanz and Philipp Rösler whether her appearance on ZDF down was that it was a pleasure just now and again that I get presents an Idiotieabservage, this time in the SZ , Plasbergs Yesterday Laber round in the ARD, the dangers of fame (as noted correctly, only one was in the famous round, namely Gottschalk, and also only in Germany) devoting taking on grain.

Near the beginning, we read that:

'"You suddenly had the opportunity to all to say anything, but you had when it was considering nothing to say." Bertolt Brecht. '

Immediately afterwards: 'A set of eighty years. And yet so up to date. '

I think that's great, what the journalists as a whole afford. You pull out, certainly not without appropriate professional preparation (we want to be tough but fair and in turn call name: This time it is Friederike Grasshoff and Lars Langenau, the pair penance it keeps you had better get through ...) for over an hour an embarrassing Geschwalle pure, that sometimes is funny after all, though usually not where planned, analyze det Janze to still be documented in the same night for the next morning edition of their newspaper to survive the ordeal in the form of an article is worth reading.

You have to, if that succeeds, not a bit bored or even annoyed that you have to pay fees for such a mental scrap dealer meeting, benefited quite comfortably from what distill the martyrs of the respective feature articles from their torments. So within a few minutes knows the latest rate Simpel state of the republic and has a good laugh, at least smile.

But back to the original question: Are the Schwätzschauen now become really stupid, or the journalists of newspapers irritated, aggressive, or both, in varying proportions? Or, what in turn may be related, chief editors of magazines such as the FAZ and the SZ have issued the slogan that you give scale in this kind reviews, whenever the opportunity exists (and is not reintappt in a gender hole o. Etc..) And Let it keep strong because of their own "quality reader" savored the most, equal to or wegklickt goes by when you do not get rough side?

And, it's competition and reads each other (at least the relevant ministries), it may well also be a matter of his building-up: Hanfeld brings once again battle ax and Morgenstern out, the response is great, and because you do not want then stand back , knowing that there are weather, financial news, war lies and disaster messages, kicking a ball and "lifestyle" anywhere, you are most likely to be yet - can hold stand by its culture section, readers - as far as it can go, funny.

Whether it is the TV makers do not care how they get beaten because their shipments to the ears? Probably not quite, though it is - in the case of ARD and ZDF at least - of coercion charges a bit more comfortable lives than by declining subscriber numbers: But, are ever to make yet in a position to a better program? If they ever make a better program?

Oh dear. Since I am now closing yet another - though long familiar - at least half a conspiracy theory, albeit indirectly, yet decipherable wasted. And I caught up on so well humored. Believe me, that was not planned and absolutely no intention.

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