Lower thinking: That would be fun!

One can not think of us down. Impossible. Ridiculous.

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8 Responses to "Lower thinking: That would be fun!"

  1. Jochen says:

    Why should someone who is already at the bottom, still want to settle think?

    Since then it most, very thought away.

    This world belongs here more and more the woman, and Satan. Gender mainstream is just the beginning.

  2. rundertischdgf says:

    Thinking away? Do we need to Blockwart against thinking?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    Your repeated Weibshass will here from me, one to which his beloved wife gave birth to two sons probably guessed, regarded with no goodwill.

    Take your home with Satan.

  4. Bookmark says:

    "This world belongs here more and more the woman, and Satan."

    It is interesting that combination. Woman, and Satan. A psychologist would find definitely a name for it.

    My mother says in such cases always enjoyed mocking such sayings: Yes, yes ... just look as Eve, because she has yet again the apple in his hand. :))

    Of course heard more and more women. If you start at zero and so slowly zoom works half the share, then heard a more and more, but not most.

    But good that we have talked about it once.


    the bookmark

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks


    Well, before they burned witches.

    Such lunatics who think evil come upon the woman to the man, which one should ever have to answer?

    They form one of the sub excesses of Abrahamitismus. And then get even supportive quotes from the Bible, even the expulsion from Paradise, but therefore.

    Try it even here it.

    Well, it is well within the so-called constitutional arc.

  6. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    "Take your home with Satan."

    Is that possible?

    "Your repeated Weibshass"

    You are very wrong - I love women very much!

  7. Bookmark says:

    Hi Magnus,

    is there anyone who provides in 5 minutes the perfect answer to this phenomenon, which in my eyes is nothing but unresolved fear and the search for someone to blame for it (Caution: bookmark kitchen table psychology :)))

    Konstantin Wecker with his Hexeneinmaleins


    "... The fear is the flame of our time
    and fanned diligently.
    You burn you with their tongues and their ignorance
    thick kind gentlemen
    requests by Television for hunting.
    condemned to the enemy
    keep ready for exile .... "

    Who would want to still disagree?

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    That art Thou among women weighed, You have previously failed to make it clear.

    Just the opposite of was heard.

    Your Satan is the way I really care. Likewise, if you take him home anyway or he has been living there.

    Interested me - only from a cultural scientific reasons - but then, if you also buhlschaftlich with take him into your bed.

    Some say that is who could something else good except lying and cheating.

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