Gauck right-wing extremist?

Now should, therefore, be some kind of Evil Right Left Gauck suddenly. A "reactionary Stinkstiefel".

I am glad that I have already distanced themselves from him. Otherwise I would have, in association with the medium right-wing Trittin, can be brought to the suspicion, a sympathizer to be that evil. The Trittin fact, the purpose taz, where stood the Stinkstiefel, have accused the "swine journalism". Tell the time in any case here .

And the "Junge Freiheit", graciously referred by the time only as "very conservative," pours with which calculus Anyway, oil on the fire by the headline: "We are the president"


The Greens, the Social Democrats and the Liberals bestallen a right winger against those who once were traded as conservatives. Geil.

Yes, Emil Knöpfle alias, Magnus Wolf Goeller has its critical issues to the designated German President fortunately already made before the taz came. The you can also easily accuse him not to stand too close. Which, however, he was not america deaf to the right, but to. (Atlantic Bridge.) Geil.

On such a fun one waits long. But one must then perhaps times by a Wulfftal. I'm not saying once more horny.

This republic but actually manages to make a saint overnight Almost Nazi. Respectable store.

You could be in the Hos' ... with laughter.

And, yes, I smelled that strange shall arise: but I had no idea.

When is Alice Schwarzer and says that you just should not abort the time?

When the NPD sees the opening pitch and praises him to finish him off with it?

Now we have it: the politically correct madhouse.

Well, now I'm also a little mean.

Otherwise, listen to me so no more.

It is quite possible that the priest, because he should not even know such a thing, makes jetzo very quickly critical error. So heated, as the matter is already now (Sarrazin says hello), all it takes is a small faux pas, and the United Left, which in turn Infallible, by turns so that one you do not even have to donate a case of beer for that. Saved tens of Euros and yet all the fun.

Mrs Merkel - but even that is not eaten - now seems fine out first: She wanted the radical right not, and everyone you believe that.

To the right-wing President-in-law must now people like Trittin, which Nahles and the blue-yellow frog care Claudia Roth. Harhar.

Actually, I had thought, sometimes to spend a really uneventful day. The comfort's sake. And like as if everything against me verschwörte: I get a right-wing saints of the left. Thank you. Better it hardly goes.

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7 Responses to "Gauck right-wing?"

  1. country dweller says:

    I regard it as defamatory, green and spd be described as left. the neo-liberal stand outside right.

  2. Brain Lock says:

    They stressed that the Stasi had only "freedom fighters" and not terrorists supported in their "fight for freedom". The authors present such a semantic and political dialectics another, independent advice with respect to the support and education of the Stasi for groups including the West German "Red Army Faction" (RAF), the group of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez ("Carlos the Jackal") and the Abu Nidal group-sharply criticized.
    In addition, the authors criticize the fact that former high-ranking Stasi officers were tasked to analyze the possible Stasi involvement of leading East German politician (see above).

    Mr. Hausen did not fall on November 30, 1989 one until now mysterious and executed with high professional logistics assassinated, right the time after the fall of the Berlin Wall, ..., Without this would be the incomprehensible quickly accomplished connection of the GDR to the NATO member country BRD would have been conceivable, ..., 1991 flared up in the former GDR, the Monday demonstrations again. Beside himself with rage had people with prestige, as it earned in 40 years national wealth had been confiscated by the FRG government and has now been sold off to the highest bidder.

    The trail leads directly ... in the club, founded in 1952 "The Atlantic Bridge" - that at least believe the authors of the book "The RAF Phantom" ... It is noticeable, say the authors, that many RAF victims or people from the radius of the victims members or guests were there: Jürgen Ponto (murdered in 1977), Karl Heinz Beckurts (murdered in 1986), Alfred Lord Hausen (murdered in 1989), his successor Hilmar Kopper as well as the seemingly untouchable debt-Queen Birgit Breuel, "Trust" - successor of the RAF victim Rohwedder and today's Expo-2000-boss. - And thus they indicate more than open that exactly also come from these circles the villains who are ultimately responsible for the murders of the third generation of the RAF.

    , So, the Atlantic Bridge is the gist of the matter. The RAF terror as a political instrument to dispose of inconvenient become members (Mr. Hausen, Rohwedder, ...) discrete. Thus, the Stasi involvement in the education of their machinations and the rapid disappearance of certain evidence of this cross-system state terrorism explains.

  3. TanjaKrienen says:

    And then this genetic contamination: both parents were in the NSDAP. Since it MUST come out something bad. They must have given him the anti-Bolshevik gene. Ugh!

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Brain Lock

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Oh shame. Then he is but one Erbschuldigen also a Erbschuldiger.

  6. TanjaKrienen says:

    A Erbsündiger!

  7. rundertischdgf says:

    These omissions are already a cultural revolution close.
    That must necessarily be tweeted from us. The block (culture) waiting in the anteroom of the President? uberall/

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