Emil Knöpfles religion in ultralight

Encircled umlacht,
Lied, sometimes bent
Just grows that is.

Beautiful, because gold has not
For Cocottes
Still a courtyard
For sycophants.

It was then that the death had been three times show that life begins.
No more, namely, then runs after him etwer yet.

And is good that a few are even fewer.

Reveal all the secrets of creating the most peaceful silence.
Nothing is hidden, as the most obvious.
It's simple: it overwhelmed.

Laughing newly learned.
As a solution, the almost only know the dead.

Flying is the game.

Finally happy: taken seriously by any more.
Freedom rises above the floor.

Finally, when you die from having lived to know.

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5 Responses to "Emil Knöpfles religion in ultralight"

  1. Annet says:

    @ Magnus

    Look the last 4 articles on this site here. They could, so I think you might like.



  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Annet

    Honestly, I can not do much with that of you linked, speculative biblical exegesis. Nor, as with the pseudo agents play with Jesus. I did not even know read through. Can the man for not coming round to?

    I am now so presumptuous to say that I probably knew along each book that ill-fated Bible before long, with little effort to spin more entertaining stories. Just Because I do not feel like it. Not yet. Maybe I will but sometimes, just to get ten million clicks from any rapturierten evangelicals.

    What does he want this "haschmech"?

    If he has something to say that is based on the real comprehensible?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Annet

    Well, because you are, not an afterthought.

    All the madness starts but at the same in the first chapters. Only after the serpent seduced Eve to eat the forbidden apple, it knocks them out with Adam from Paradise, whereupon he (pronounced vög§§§) may finally "see". Oh dear. Who comes up with these silly stories?

    What do I want in a paradise, where I can not even vög§§§ with my wife? Plums to eat on late?

    I'll tell you in private like me, what I think of this whole event. If you read my blog attention, but you'll get it out that way. What the invitation does not necessarily obsolete course.

    First, even this much: I'm trying to remain polite. I see my job but just not to take seriously any sort of obvious jahweitischer misleading.

    This is not against you. -Derived therefore fatal humbugs we have but now genung for a few thousand years.

    How much Teratonnen cruelty and perversion you want me to talk crap out of this book, which is just in front of my screen aside, an irrational to make a "holy book" of it?

    It is not worth the side of the earthquake in Chili or mold rider.

  4. Annet says:

    @ Magnus

    "Ten million clicks"

    Are you feeling really all about?
    What did you do, even if it really should be the case so times, because of which, at the end of your life?

    "What does he want this" haschmech "?"

    I would say, as your Blogger makes it all, education operate in their own way.

    "Did he have anything to say, this is based on the real comprehensible?"

    How do you know so with absolute certainty that this is what the Bible says overall, but might not have a very real background or core?

    "Only after the serpent seduced Eve to eat the forbidden apple ... ..Oh ever. Who comes up with these silly stories? "

    If you this story perhaps it is so simple before, because you do not understand what should be so stated in truth?

    In other words, I have the book by Nietzsche "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" bought. The language is modern, but the reference to the Bible is unmistakable. If there Nietzsche, of course, is only a matter of making it, and even the person of Jesus Christ bad. So, sure, it comes at the end always depends on who you take as a model.
    Had I known what holds this concoction of Nietzsche for trash, then I would have known to spend my money better.

    "Whereupon he at last," "may (pronounced vög§§§)" recognize

    It seems to me you have a very large unmet demand for something in you.

    By the way, in some of his last article, this has "haschmech" against the Bible and Jesus uttered even named the Satan. The only reason thought what he could predict gechrieben you to some extent.

    And so I take my leave now from you.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Annet

    The Bible has a very real background in fact. This consists, at least the entire AT pass, in the technique of suppression of humanity.

    What my "unsatisfied demand" arrives, so now I say only this much time that I took pleasure did not have to struggle to make my children, quite deliberately, and certainly not for the Lord, Moses or Abraham. Not even for Confucius, Jesus or Nietzsche.

    Take care you well.

    You can group your Zarathustra output yes give to a needy.

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