Without legacy: Please no BBB

When Media Studies a free ad sheet my eyes fell on the ads; later, in a telephone conversation with a friend, I mentioned the following.

For the umpteenth time I saw requirements, I (or whoever) wants "no legacy" (that would then probably my sons) and "sunlight readable" (so that is probably not meant that I can see in daylight without amplifier must, but is itself be so handsome that I will not immediately confused with the saddle pad next to me), but it got even better: because Anonymus pointed me out, I had this cipher not immediately at hand, that "please without BBB" in this genre are commonplace. So, please, no glasses, beard and belly.

That left the juices rise in me again. Although I am wearing glasses, but that could be mitigated by contact lenses yes; a real beard not even grow on me if I let him; and the belly I have about nine years ago, since he had overtaken me, abolished valid and reliable until today.

Anonymous told me then pointed out that ". Acad" was also a popular selection criterion. Ja nu, I was at least in advance of a "Akad.", Where I enjoyed the time overwhelmingly well.

Now I wonder what I, although altverlastet without glasses, beard, belly and than I care borderline Akad., But suitable for daylight, so everything should, bring. (Money: that's clear, but not so indiscreet woman speaks in such a branched circles of course..)

Oh, and I should be humorous, that's important. I wonder since but, halfway weibsgewitztigt what wants to be a trick again in the context. Probably that I should always be able to play Sancho Panza, when she has spread her Milchschüttelgetränk on their facial hair tie. Or a stiletto heel gives up the ghost under her Klotzbertastempfeln.

Probably I see the whole thing but just defeatist. Because basically they would be happy if they could find a halfway stuffed rhino, they can direct means of fine stick coating. From there she sees the rest, because of academics, no belly and so, certainly no longer so closely. Perhaps it will shut down even the sun.

Alone, what about the legacy. Because of contaminated sites. These are Dauerneulasten. Sons indicated. So there is no response from me. Academic rhinos that feed the belly, her brain to there is finally enough.

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8 Responses to "Without Contaminated sites: Please no BBB"

  1. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:


    Please say a, why, where here, as far as my program (Feedjit, right) informed me right, come in to me at once so many hits on this product.
    I have no idea, would be nice if one put me in knowledge.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    So, I copy now emerged today thereof independently, but suitable, even here on:

    "We need the return of the real gender.
    The wants and I do not have to explain in more detail here.
    Who understands my texts, also understands the self. "

    The strand, where it came from, who is called "From the upcoming aristocratic revolution".

  3. anon says:

    The terminology "without BBB" was "5 gegen Jauch" queried in the RTL show. Probably tried masse audience in the network to come up with the correct answer before the candidates and Günther Jauch and met with their search on this page.

    Regards, Anonymous

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Anon @

    Thanks for the note.
    In Jauch I roam around now times not.
    Thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I once saw somewhere a woman who display that had been mixed by mark under the academics, you finally had a diploma, albeit as a foot nurse.

    In my eyes, a woman does not have to be academic, but if you do not even know what that is, it is decided for my taste too little.

    Said with Inschenören is already borderline. An In-engineer, so someone without Genius, a Naive So, which of course does not work. Such pseudo-sciences such as mathematics, physics and chemistry are still so tolerated at a university on the edge, but what an academic hold of a young man who says he wants to be an engineer, so a Naive? This can be the quite willing to make, but not. To an Alma Mater, so you can not be an engineer at a "real" university, which just goes to a so-called TH or TU I know the Stuegarter say also for several years that you would have a university, but also just because Inschenöre be formed and therefore this is not a university.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    I wanted to be myself once scientist, biologist.
    I put all bills in three semesters (what few immediately succeeded), including the Math II certificate, which you had to do only in the main study, but could make undergraduates already. And I almost never attended the lectures, only the shit internships (inorganic and organic chemistry were quite tedious and annoying). In chemistry I gave lessons even female classmates, so herewith, I met a few natural scientists.
    Then I saddled up, there were some frustrations with the art, after an "awakening experience" in Guatemala (seriously, it was not a US citizen, twice as old as I am, sexually ran most in the spirit of what), on the languages order.
    Thus, I am now become stupid, grumpy, bähmullig.
    I just wonder why makes me nothing.
    And, yes, I have my future wife and mother of my children then met with the stupid philologists (many of which were already stupid, but they do not).
    Now I am a pure Altlaster.
    Two Rabatze, now 14 and 16, make it clear that the old man every day (eat they do naturally without end, guess who cooks and washes) that he had still of Nothing null plan.
    Above all, of course, the most important in the world do not, namely computers.
    Become gay I'm not anyway. That's what I just do not attempt it, although it would be so modern and sexy.
    Where was I?
    Yes, it was the THREE Bs. The one, except the Altlastentum, should not have.
    I now know not whether I should entbeisieren my German too, so completely to change to Ps. Said yes still would suspect that saw probably the worst Langustinikerin that I have fun fooling.
    Battel, constable, pumice.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Is there, in this genre, one might almost call it a literary genre, also: "Please without OOO!" -?
    So without grandpa, grandma, uncle?
    (Herewith the very bad, real contaminated sites.)

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    I have, incidentally, that was funny, at least for me, once haunted a Enthaarungsstudio, spontaneously, from the fun of it, who wanted to rid all at a fixed price. All hair everywhere.
    The aunt was just pale, almost voluntarily itself hairless when she saw itself only a part of my chest fur, I told her, she was professional, she thought, at least, credibly assured at the back and anderwo it would look not much better for them, I do not know if I even showed her a calf, practically invincible, far too expensive. Almost two square meters work.
    I then told her that the girl still almost horror was clear that I really only came to jokes, I started not to ruin her senseless store.
    You should just think about it, what she writes on her shield.
    Yes, with us Neanderthals they have it hard today, not even pampered.


    That reminds me of the one yet.

    I passed a bra shop, there was also incited by advertising stand.

    The first time it was too stupid for me, at first I just shook his head, but the second or third time my scientific mind was yet sufficiently awakened.

    It said that 72 percent of the women wore the wrong size.

    The lady in there was then the statement on the box convincing, concise, plausible explanation.

    I will not tell you now but how.

    Anyway, I could follow her quickly, and I anticipated, so I had never been so closely involved me, even significant parts of the somewhat awkward explanation. (Maybe I was just in a good mood, who knows.)

    At the conclusion of their friendly design, they said only that I should but just a look around on the street, since I already saw that she knew what she was talking about.

    At the store I'll get nothing.

    "Without BBB" probably has a very different meaning.

    You can not look for happiness.

    (When I have money on expensive bras, the right woman for it on top of that, I know in Stuttgart, where I hinschicke it.)

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