Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves

It is these things which dominate our time, which is why it does not help to ignore them.

Since reports a pro-Islamic network side, " loonwatch "as a US activist brags about its endorsement, how many people in the South lawn with her ​​pickup truck in mosques.

And mark, probably rightly, that the whole FBI personnel to arrest probably a question of tears, the first man, he wofern reversed with respect to the synagogues would have said.

Then I give "loonwatch" (roughly: Misleading Watch) into the search engine, and come across "Daily Kos", a large "progressive", "liberal" Site (approximate US synonyms for what us "left" is ), which is about loonwatch on January 19 under the title "How and Why Loonwatch.com is a Terrorist Spin Control Network" (How and why Loonwatch.com is a terrorist propaganda network) rannimmt.

The local author points then in this article - certainly also true - indicates that loonwatch reversed resist all the Muslim preachers of hate and terror structures have no objection, brings several examples. And the author's mind - at least he means - no antimoslemischer Christian or Jewish fundamentalist.

I really wonder as which of the three mentioned here I Parties should consider mendacious. For Daily Kos, again, is Judaism and Zionism not just not particularly weighed, to say so nobly expressed. . How, for example, here seen with Star of David equal up to click on the article 'the why of anti-Jewish bigotry "- for" Elders of Zion ".

Who is now the worst - whether directly or brutal perfidious - Spin Doctor?

Here one has the impression that the mendacious Hetzer is against the cunning swindler against the fraudulent hypocrite. Since it's a horror of the sow. Or, for my sake, not to hurt the religious sentiments of the three Abrahamitenfraktionen faint-hearted, the Rottweiler. But he's already back after all, a dog, so also to some unclean. So anyone who still has all of the Christmas tree. Sorry, the Menorah. Uh, the beard of the Prophet. Sacrament but also, what can you say to that?

Can one be about Notfreimaurer to, good and just, all three factions be loaded in shear Lessing Ringparabel manner in equidistance, while but then all conscripted?

Well, I do not choose this path. You disgust me at all. Each in his own variety.

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