Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves (II)

I put here right now still separately after.

It almost does not matter who you talk: the "moderate" Muslims, Christians or Jews.

Each of which affirms that he has with all the hatred, violence, the (state) terrorists who invoke his religion, nothing, absolutely nothing to do. His religion is one of peace and tolerance.

But when it comes to it, logically clean up the ranks to show clear edge against the obscurantist, preachers of hate and violence Blessed there, the noble announcement for the vast majority in reality zersäuselt quickly.

Then maybe slander brave nations as "godless" etc., morally depraved, often only subliminally, often directly whether Pope Rebbe or Imam, or lay, as the defensive statement to fill some with the content.

Had really the vast majority of these three fractions removed enough of the Zündlern and bomb throwers, showed solidarity loudly, clearly, no ifs and buts, despite their own gruesome obscurantist, they would soon, in a global, non-ending "shit storm" nothing to laugh about, hanging bar any support from the mass in the KO-ropes of world history.

But as played by the magnates, where religion traditionally really misses the ass, namely money and power, as any on the hatred keyboard, leave, whether straight False Flag or as it were genuine, their chain dogs loose, the faithful father or brother up to the Mossad Agents or navy.

I have so far not a panacea, however. But I try, although my beleibe not only brings sympathies to put my finger keys again and again in this wound. At least I have the advantage that my "religious feelings" as far as I should have, such as by those can not be violated. No matter what they could come up with for that purpose. Even if they ever would be able in this direction, raise more itching creativity as a rachitic louse or a flea dementia.

Ultimately, they want virtually all special rights, privileges. Faith as a way for personal, collectively called-advantage. Each of their gods, he may now Yahweh, God or Allah called them ultimately promises just that. But they honor him and are ultimately willing to others who stand in the way of the singeing and slaughter.

And who criticized the fact that they are called - in turn - guess what? A "Nazi". So then stylized the Turk or Arab to the "new Jews," the Jew to the old, the Christian, especially in "God's Own Country", the beautiful USA, ditto. Everyone wants to be the Verfolgteste: to track itself more successfully.

"Discrimination!" - Echoes it as "racial hatred", "intolerance", "freedom of religion" and the like, but where are just gagging, his own supremacy claim, drivers.

I think all of you not say another word.

For me, a cluttered smelly socks still may lie behind the sofa; So far, so bad. But that's my thing, you can not care. Your breeds human stinky socks and bombs, drives your humanoid sheep flocks in war and destruction.

No, before I'll give you respect for your religion, you have your global Augean stables of lies and deception and the putrid corruption at least as much muck that one no longer wafts its sulphate, mercaptanischer stench around every corner.

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2 Responses to "Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves (II)"

  1. Annet says:

    @ Magnus

    My opinion is that what you could inform other so try that Jesus liked.

    He also gave a similar lecture times against the Pharisees and scribes. What are different those about whom you omits to you?

    And You know certainly that Jesus has a big heart for the nations. For this purpose, there are fine examples in the Bible.

    Only with the "messy smelly socks behind the sofa," Jesus has saved because He went bare foot in sandals and hardly anyone is still worthy of Him to relieve belt it.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Annet

    I also sometimes like to wear sandals: Starting to save just about socks. At minus twenty degrees but that's bad. And to Israel, I'm not going to emigrate, merely on that smelly socks problem is solved in the simplest way.

    Joking aside: I like the Jesus too.

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