On what name the Protection of the Constitution is to rename it?

What's funny about the whole Zores to the Protection of the Constitution, that he now comes from links under pressure: Augstein, Prantl, Left Party, etc.

One could almost pity for this remarkable service get the ostensibly "on the right eye blind" is.

What are they doing? About their own employees carry them before the Volksverhetzungsgerichtshof to Mannheim? Bußpilgern by Marx and Lenin Hausen?

Convert to Islam?

Begin retraining as a certified conspiracy theorist?

Dive into the mouth of the Federal Trojan?

Eat publicly floppy hats?

Atonement make their excesses sake, how well it is just mitsoff at the NPD?

Direct hire at the CIA?

When the BKA corridors sweep?

Hire themselves out as exterminator?

As Unpersonenschützer?

Goal-line in the county league?

No, no, all such contrary to human dignity and thus against the Constitution and thus against our constitution, which is none.

You should send them all to Princeton to Joschka Fischer. The know how to as Public Enemy and Polizistenverprügler in highest dignities of the pacifists for Upper warmongers, moving up and teaches there as an unskilled professor at that venerable institution.

Spitzbub to Spitzbub: So ever since it's the best solution.

The question remains, what name should rename the ex-Veraffungsschmutz or its protagonists.

At other places I called him once the "Verfuselungsschatz". But this is, I fear, not yet sufficiently serious, permanent solution. (As I said, human dignity is observed.)

"Joschka's disciples" bärge a nice alliteration, but also an overly religious appeal. Note the separation of church and state.

If all else fails, especially since the German language is not (easily national acts, on the right), then either yes like the English. This is modern marketing point of hip, streamlined, cool, chilled, weißderteufel what.

"Men in Black" would be the one tricky because nowadays every kid knows who specialize in fighting aliens, and secondly because of possible copyright complaints from Hollywood. Also: Why should the gravediggers of democracy wearing black at once? That would be far too conspicuous.

I therefore propose that "Men in Grey". Or, in German, "the horror". (The GenderistInnen should now time to shut up. It is a well-actionable, workable solution.)

This sounds (does not have to remember any matter subliminal enough) to a mixture of black and white, so after the middle, neither to the left nor to the right, hereby color under the Vefassungsbogens, eventually even slightly Methuselah, slightly senile, so harmless.

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7 Responses to "Which name is the constitutional protection to rename it?"

  1. rundertischdgf says:

    Once again a nice play on words. We have of course added to our mustard or a striking analysis on the topic verlinkt http://rundertischdgf.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/verfassungsschutz-die-linke-und-die-etablierten-parteien/ . Yesterday, we were able to enjoy a lame satire show of Jauch, although I must admit that my wife was switching my consent to the Crime.

  2. Habnix says:

    The Constitution is a guideline or directive of the Protectorate, we just need to properly lesen.Demnach the Protection of the Constitution is the executive body.

    What they say to those who on behalf of the United States (Allied) mischief here.

    probably. Hitman

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Habnix

    I do not think the VS "a state within a state" is.

    He is merely an executive organ.

    This then, in anticipatory obedience, above, of course, no one wants to know something or have known to deliver results.

    That works sometimes better, sometimes worse.

    Overall, it is a rather incompetent, uncoordinated Sauhaufen.

    Who goes there and back already.

    Only the class clown and. The thick Trina with the grace of four in German, English and Math

    I've never heard of an intelligent, prudent VSler.

    Can of course be that all so well hidden.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ All

    The constitutional protection is a swamp, which does not even know what a hole. That would be too high.

    One must assume that even the gayest Gender Officer of Bielefeld's Neuhausen plan has more of the events in this republic, as any constitutional protection president of a relevant national office.

    Because in their world, the reality is, after all even before rudimentary.

  5. Ricar says:

    not rename, banish.
    Have since some time ago a satirical book read.
    Exile to Helgoland from Timo Rieg.
    Well, from time to man must escape the serious side of life and alternatives ausdenken.Beflügelt the mind.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Ricar

    Well, if Helgoland, where the Song of the Germans to have attachments Faller life, exactly is the right place to hinzuexilieren as VSler, the Islanders are probably themselves will have to decide.

    I would give myself in their place about 5000 so Fatherland as useless fellows in any case certainly at least at a time voluntarily.

  7. Lux says:

    Constitution dirt

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