The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein!

"What is the purpose today of the constitutional protection? He in no way protects the Constitution. It protects the (pre) existing conditions. "

At this remarkable and quite true statement comes Jakob Augstein on SPON under the no less remarkable title "The Basic Law is left".

He refers to the fact that property according to the Basic Law requires, means of production are socialized, and that the Federal Republic was a "social" state and mocks On this basis, the observation of the Left Party parliamentarians by the constitution protection.

Dear Mr. Augstein, I call you now even a few "right" statements of the Basic Law:

"Men and women are equal." ("Left" want the favor of women with the same qualifications and have them enforced manifold unconstitutional and against "rights".)

"No one may be prejudiced or favored because of his sex, his parentage, his race, his language, his homeland and origin, his faith, or his religious or political opinions." (Left have asserted that insults of Germans are reliably as such, even "Bomber Harris do it again", while conversely else applies to foreigners Foreigners are also at settings on their instigation often preferred targeted and open:.. both clearly unconstitutional political right views lead to clear, publicly requested and endorsed and hard enforced disadvantages. Ditto.)

"Everyone has the right freely to express his opinions in speech, writing and pictures and disseminate and freely to inform himself from generally accessible sources." (This is obvious, while a glorification of Stalin and Mao is not a problem for rights limited . This can already bring a relativization to jail. The passage is so right.)

"Marriage and the family shall enjoy the special protection of the state." (Self explanatory right.)

"The care and upbringing of children is the natural right of parents and a duty primarily incumbent upon them." (Self explanatory right.)

"Every mother has the right to such protection and care of the community." (Self explanatory right.)

"Men may be required from the age of eighteen years to serve in the Armed Forces, in the Federal or in a civil defense organization." (Clearly right; of women is not discussed here.)

Well, dear Mr. Augstein, I would have certainly found more rights in the constitution, but wants it so let go at times. Not that you will still dizzy, or even demand, forcibly abolish the constitution in general societal final battle against all decent law to introduce a pure left-right.

But you may have liked to go out and a new constitution actual demand, which "the German people" can (also a right term that is often in GG), as provided in the Basic Law give:

Article 146

This Basic Law, which applies after completion of unity and freedom of Germany for the entire German people, loses its validity on the day on which a constitution enters into force, which has been adopted by the German people in a free decision.

This Constitution, they may be happy to draft so that it is far left, and submit to the German people to decide freely: your fully vested by the constitution law.

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2 Responses to "The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein!"

  1. Annet breed says:

    "Article 146"

    The paragraphs in this said will never happen, because the German people have nothing to say in his own country.

    The only way that the German people would therefore be to instigate a revolution. But for the German people are too nice. Allso everything goes on as usual.

    Only in the death of German will get his freedom. Ie if one can still call freedom in the human sense.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Annet breeding

    That a revolution would probably not a very good idea. One would grapeshot us in ruins.

    We will have to continue to wait patiently for our freedom, to all peoples get up around us and invite us in unison, the last to do so.

    After all, the EU financial dictatorship via Euro it, as you can see now (even if we pay the main part of the mine), for Austrians, Dutch, French, Swiss (indirectly), even Spaniards and Italians, not just really brought.

    And Greece and Portugal would have without the euro can never veschulden so far, as they have done it and so just not done.

    Bitter evil thing that But those who got us the Euro, but still give each other Karl prices etc:. While all of this occurred, what the "anti-Europeans", those nasty critics of the euro prophesied.

    While that is exceedingly bold, but still it is going on.

    Once proud nations are currently virtually just as powerless as we (except that they are probably not low with when they no longer played a part, which of course makes a significant difference).

    So it was planned course (at least in terms of the takeover).

    But let's wait and see.

    I see things in the medium term at least not quite so black.

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