The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein! (II)

Even I, dear sir Augstein, the basic law really appreciate how you.

But it's not really a constitution. And no, that gave the German people themselves.

Moreover, and that there must be, in my opinion, at some point confirmed by the German people as such or in accordance with Article 146 a new, real, I recently conducted a discussion with one who held out to me, "For God's sake, just no referendum".

His reasons were quite convincing.

He said that, as the political and media power relations are so manipulated the people, this would most likely be a maneuver into the abyss, the last bastions of the Basic Law resist a total national self-sacrifice, for legal protection, all in the direction of total EU dictatorship would be ground. And not, as I Traumtänzer me wish that, more freedom, more direct democracy, real Souveränitat our country realized, but the exact opposite.

I once swallowed, because all logic gives him first right; all the "right" right to me - see Vorartikel - just as well be on the heart as you mentioned left, would, if one considers the current policy, well-honed.

But your left rights would be well in the course even with the same away. For example, that property vepflichte and Germany is a social federal state.

Social is at the Commissary people expropriation in breach of the Lisbon Treaty, which in turn already broke the Basic Law, namely nothing. And that in an increasingly anti-democratic construct precisely the obligation of the property (except for the little people) would be more cherished than today, is also hard to guess. On the contrary.

And, it may surprise you, perhaps: I am for the socialization of the banks as a means of production of financial mass destruction. So probably at least in this respect, absolutely grundgesetz accordance left than you.

And I am strongly opposed to the preparation and conduct of wars of aggression, no matter under what guise. Also the effect I'm probably left as you.

And I am all for a decent minimum wage, so in this case somewhat similar to the left as you.

I am also sure that the widespread discrimination against fathers, not only when a single parent like me ends. Whether you hold still for the left, I do not know; but I would consider to be fair. (Only once a symbolic Note: The Family Ministry is, in its entirety, "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" Men is not significantly talk..)

Yes, and I'm against the military service of women with the weapon. For a variety of good reasons, which you will find on this page under "Sergeant Cheerful" and other items easily. Whether this is right or left, I also leave your judgment and that of the reader.

A little joke at the end still to Bedenk: As far as I know you are married, in a state of marriage a caring German father of three children, United heritage, entrepreneur and amateur gardener. Usually smells like a combination of powerful strictly to the right.

But, do not be grieved by: Where you say the right thing as a linker, as in the quote from the Vorartikels or your Urartikel to today's fundamental function of the secret service, I will always welcome it as righteous.

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16 Responses to "The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein! (II) "

  1. rundertischdgf says:

    Left or right, better yet right or wrong. That the author has here very well explained with examples, to be the tweeted deserves.

    Yesterday, on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day I overheard on the radio transmitter I do not remember (Germany Funk, BR 2?) That the Bavarian Landtag President have said tribe, we must fight right ideas. Combat ideas? Does it get any stupider, this Dummschwätzerei, because it is not more, because that is also the victims do not do justice to whom it is important to remember.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rundertischdgf

    Well, if the CSU already thinks they have to fight "right ideas", then it should probably be a left-wing party, or at least one of the center without right wing.
    This babble is erzdumm indeed, but of course still dangerous (also for the CSU, which apparently does not understand that). Who defines that, where "right" begins? Right of the Left Party?
    Here is a modern witch hunt is organized: soon perhaps using brain scanners, the latest generation?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    I quote, because it also fits here, from the link at the top of rundertischdgf:

    "In the eyes of many talkers, certificate of interested parties, do-gooders, busybodies and all kinds of professional politicians, it seems to be absolutely necessary to combat thoughts and that right thoughts, without of which someone substantiated and justified what he thus actually means, where the boundaries between conservative , liberal, liberal, libertarian, clerical, democratic, right, right-wing or right-wing run. And how will that work, spy right or left thoughts? Thoughts you can not lock it, kill or burn? Can help only a radical brainwashing? "

  4. TanjaKrienen says:

    Augstein suppresses the rejection of the Basic Law by the KPD!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Printed material means of production in private hands would have been not their thing.

    But I know how to apologize.

    He bequeathed us his mirror-shares and Friday, and we do something clever from it. He's going to be guilty and the burden of entrepreneurship, and we have a publisher with all the trimmings.

    Then set new and better editors, probably "committed ownership" fully comply with the motto.

  6. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    an interesting article. We're just all more or less colorful in our views.

    And to the right-right strikes me increasingly the curiosity on that the Nazis all nations to network across countries and this paradox has not yet so nobody really addressed.

    But what exactly do you imagine here below?

    "I am in favor of the nationalization of the banks as means of production of financial mass destruction."


    the bookmark

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Among the "Nazis of all nations" as you they benamst (questionable, as always, the Third Reich, the so-called Holocaust, etc. it resonates) extending across borders networking: I think this is not strange, but logical.

    If we times - tentatively - rather talk of Patriots: Why should - after all einsichtigerweise experiences - not other nations also want their independence and freedom?

    Among the banks.

    I see yet how this area of ​​the economy should remain "free". If he were free, so we let him also as free as the rest die if he has wasted himself. He has ultimately nothing to do with market economy (so you can see it, how as paid by the state billions in aid, where you could go every other private Laden broke, money is provided to the minimum interest rate available, and then give it for higher interest rates, coverage minimal, perhaps to make it to park hinwiederum with central banks, given risk-return): he makes them even upside down.

    Quite apart from the derivatives that form still has its own theme.

    I mean, without wanting to offend you so that anyone who still has not realized that the current system favors few beyond measure against the many, the latter robs and enslaved to his shirt, has simply not understood a thing or want to understand.

    I'll say it again: the market economy and capitalism are two different things.

  8. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    well, there are quite international Nazi networks. But I distinguish between patriots and Nazis, although I must admit that I have one yet with the other so really anything can begin with either the. With the latter, even less than with the former, but so be it ...

    Unfortunately, you've made no concrete proposal how you have now should socialize banks. Therefore, it is difficult to respond to your posting. Yet I venture a try.

    The biggest problem in the last crisis were precisely the banks under state supervision. IKB, Hypo Real Estate and all public Landesbanken from the North Sea to the Alps. These were joined Commerzbank and some smaller private banks, on the one - I mean the Weser bank - then actually went bankrupt. Funny thing is that those who were sitting a few years ago already on the boards, always are still there.

    Are you watching for example here:

    Our entire political Guard is represented there, precisely those who now most loudly blaring thereafter to put the evil banks the craft. You could break out in tears of laughter.

    So you see that it is not of improver effect of the degree of misery, if banks are nationalized or socialized, because the same politicians oversee something they have done before.

    What you talk on, are products - and here we come much closer together.

    What is lacking is not more oversight, but a definition of the financial sector. Is he an independent industry, then it needs a product supervision, as well as we have, for example in food.

    Should the financial sector be a mere auxiliary branch, so that the so-called real economy to function, then it must be completely reorganized. But even then we should not be under the illusion that there will be no losers, no failures and we all ride only against the sun. Actually, the opposite is more likely to be the case, because by lack of competition a total dependence arises.

    The biggest problem we have at the moment is that we are all more or less corruptible. We all choose too happy makers with the biggest campaign promises, without having to explain to us a solid counter-financing. The trend, more and more "the State" foist, with all the associated costs is unbroken. Starting to elderly care, everything is THE state judge so that the average Joe is deprived of his personal responsibility. Of the child care This, coupled with the fact that we have no independent, values-based medium of exchange, but an arbitrary pressure and augmentable money. Who does that? Well, currently mainly states that in order to solve their problems and exchange debt in solid values, like for example in real estate in Germany. The target credit system currently blooming like never before and has ensured that Germany's international investment has already shrunk by half.

    For me, the best examples of that socialization or nationalization of the financial sector is the allerletze DERS, what should be sought. Not to mention, that the individual is absolutely not free then. Absence would then only, that cash is being abolished and replaced by plastic money. This dependence would be perfect and reached Huxley's Brave New World.

    You write:

    "I mean, without wanting you to get too close so that anyone who still has not realized that the current system a few favors beyond measure against the many, the latter robs and enslaved to his shirt, has simply not understood a thing or want to understand. "

    That's true for the most part. But more power to the already powerful is not a solution here. Just as the Robin Hood tax will solve any problem. Therefore, they should not be sold as a solution. The effect will be the same as in the environmental tax is also not eco, but for pension financing is required. The EU has long been more than an eye on this tax to them as a permanent source of funding for the EU - to take household. This means that they may have no interest in that fewer transactions take place. Rather, just the opposite is true: The more implemented, the higher the budget.

    There are still a lot of discussion and, above all calculations must be performed.


    the bookmark

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I want to now what regards the great casting and details - although I have a few already in mind - fit, provisionally; too much to me goes as noteworthy by the head, is not fully worked out. The fact that a good, viable solution can not be easily shaken out of his sleeve this is clear.

    Once I have the feeling that they have created a sound basis for discussion, covering at least the main problems, I will offer this in a separate post.

    After all, we are already to the effect agree that it the way it runs now, does not fit.

    And yet: Without socialization get along, would be from the bottom of her even dearer to me.



  10. TanjaKrienen says:

    Oh yes, on this occasion, but because it somehow fits: Do you know the National Bolshevism? -

  11. Bookmark says:

    Hi Tanja,

    Thanks for the video. I just looked at that and I have the very well-liked.

    A remarkable feature of songs from this period is always that the language is strictly emphasized. Once an R appears in the word, the emphasis of the word is there. In addition, it is usually also rolled throaty. This reinforces the effect again.

    I wish you - albeit belatedly - a good success in the 2012th


    the bookmark

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Most High, Thanks for your link!

    One of your best work probably ever.

    I am otherwise speechless first.

    Except that I, in accordance with introductory preface, also with me like this would bring work as a main entry.

    Respect, respect, respect for that!

    Ma Grande Dame!

    Greetings conditions Waldeck!

    Since growing something!

    More than just what!

    Keep it up!

    Always keep it up!

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen & All

    I want to respect my above exuberance what your video is concerned, now not qualify, but explain a little. (Do not worry, I'm not in love.)

    Such ever raise a special diligence power is already (I think we have Augstein now almost forgotten), but prepare it so that is the Master. (You also do not stand Fortunately gender talk, so I would have to say champions performance.)

    The happiness that is in it, has touched me the most. The subtle, free humor. You show it as a real, far-reaching, large force.

    A steel strength, security, the scoffers will silence.

    A return to the self-certainty of the cultural people.

    Ease flight.

    Aloneness in height: and yet everyone can come along who wants.

    I have you perhaps understood only today.

  14. TanjaKrienen says:

    Thank you, I am almost embarrassed that her place as well * g *. Yes, the clarity of pronunciation is quite impressive and they still like me, despite the sometimes confusing messages. But Busch had enough problems with the party and state leadership, even if he "loyal" was formally to her (from the personal history out). Regards, Tanja

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Yes, the debate ... What shall I as Schwabe say?

    Well, at least that she also impressed me; not only the rolling "R", but also the crystalline voiceless consonants and vowels because the absolute sonorous.

    You can do with your work (Oh, we're a bit "off topic" become, where is this still Augstein? Rinks or Lechts?) Important, profound historical documents. I do not know who is currently still doing in this quality.

  16. TanjaKrienen says:

    Magnus, here maybe even something for you, freshly uploaded. The idea of ​​the wonderful satire of the "peculiar Edition free" of Eugen Richter's "Social Democratic visions" (Free with Bebel), from 1891 Everything fits in content - and with the implementation I am also satisfied -

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