"Elites" no plan

We do not need any more evidence.

For Germany, the €-Vergeiselung enough for the United States Act of Detention.

The dictatorship is there.

But still people are not accustomed to this, they want to perceive those mainly not, they still choose to read the same parties and recorder switched Sheep Press, staring Jauch.

Hence, the question arises as to the next steps.

When you want to not only bomb Libya and Pakistani wedding parties, but also a massive strike here and open?

What are the scenarios for achieving naked police states are discussed, preferably in the inner circles?

I think that there are now no longer, as in the past so successful, first and foremost are the creeping. Much more likely is planning to drumbeats. Because hypocrisy has had crept slowly but surely. The blah-Sachzwängerei.

It remains a very difficult.

It has made the people so stupid and transparent justice, believing that you honestly do not know what happens when it wakes up to reality.

The situation is simply unprecedented, incalculable.

At your institutions and your tanks thinking I would not have to sweat.


'"The European institutions must be more and more like a government," Merkel's solution.'

I read this just at Bilderberg Joffe to Merkel's appearance in Davos. Who elects the European institutions? Not even the Maltese in a vote weighting from 13 to 1 against the Germans. Sapienti sat.

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3 Responses to "" elites "no plan"

  1. Armin says:

    "Much more likely is planning to drumbeats"
    I agree. And since I neither mercenary, nor a secret agent who else am Superman, I'm also not entirely clear how to deal with them. I am unarmed and completely wehrungeübt (except in words and images). 2012 will be exciting ...

    "The situation is simply unprecedented, incalculable."
    That's kind of a cool (sorry) feeling when sweat beads fear that really should never sweat. But it's true: incalculable.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    You set your comment just as I have written to the Addendum: alswelcher but probably would have made it a big difference.

    The beads are afraid some already half-fist. Who knows where the military is finally, when things get tight? If you look closely, sees a cut and thrust, in which case probably no longer just for the scenery, between Lagarde, Merkel, Buffett, Monti, the Greeks, Wasweißichwem.

    Which is not more comfortable in their skin, and they have every reason to be.

    The cleverer among them have even been conceived: that a storm could sweep them all at once.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin All

    The power of suggestion, especially as possible based on reality, not just those of the Großmachinatoren, especially when their equipment and begin Apparanten already creaking.

    But we have always unsettling, ours power to those hinwiederum by referring to the brittle ice on which they undoubtedly are.

    This is certainly also initially unconscious effects, particularly for the sheep and mediant Schlapphutinfanten.

    Each significant word counts. Without a doubt.

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