PIPA and SOPA: "Peddler" smoked in a pipe, spooned Digisuppe

Since I was only really aware of the issue on conspirare.net and there has already been developed by the highly recommended products of the operator an interesting discussion and I want to "double content" avoid as much as possible, I present here, so to speak, as a teaser, only my last comment it.


. "24 January 2012 at 14:27

After I (me: Correction of the original commentary missing there) with respect to PIPA and SOPA now a bit've made more precise knowledge, I realize that they have to do only limited to the defense of traditional copyright law, but in fact a threat potential and real power means to be set up, which goes far beyond the past and today's.
It smells powerful weapon for censorship.
Even the threat to crack down on Google and the server, for example, all the so-called "whistleblower", those who link to such ("peddling": that enough) potentially fatal.
Fatal is also, in my opinion, that by such outdoor activities learn that confirmation and buoyancy who think they should equally share everything: I am comfortable with my position between censorship monsters and "pirates" literally crushed.
The latter fact create a consciousness that absolutely gives the Klau example of your or my feed, moral justification, this carries with it while all the Digihelden, as mentioned above, in front of the Great continued, bullies they are, creep.
As for the relationship between large and small even further than this already happened in recent years in power, shifts in favor of the former.
That the power pirates, in a way - consciously or unconsciously most probably - act as agents of the corporations and, indirectly, the hard-censorship has probably not been said them. In that sense, it's become clear to me only in the course of this discussion. Therefore, I will probably put the cart before the thought again and as soon as this comment is enabled, point by my side on this one and link. (All texts are probably of us. So we do not "gepeddlet".) "

Because of the importance of the topic I'm more comments certainly welcome here, but would point out that anyone who sets this one on this page, expressly agrees to this, wofern the operator of conspirare.net so wishes, to its side to see published unchanged.

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8 Responses to "PIPA and SOPA:" Peddler "smoked in a pipe, spooned Digisuppe"

  1. Armin says:

    Thank you for your article and the comments!

    The theme has an open, active conduct of discussion urgent need - even more urgent as otherwise ultimately a ghostly censorship monster comes to us via SOPA and PIPA through the back door - proudly made in the USA ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    Never mind. I appreciate your work very much and am therefore glad that you are increasingly active again.

    Although I depends the word "alternative" is now also a little to his neck out, but it is important and apt that do not represent here the "big players" the matter among themselves.

    The fact that we do not leave the Yanks just the business.

    I trust in this regard, the pirates just as Joe Lieberman as Google as the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    And netzpolitik.org as marketed, as I just saw, from the German Oberbilderbergerei called time online, even just a fortiori.

    Too much is at stake.

    Therefore, the more independent voices to the better.


    That reminds me of one that Kissinger friend Jakob Augstein some time ago said netzpolitik.org is the only relevant German blog. Harhar.

  3. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte
    "I appreciate your work very much and am therefore glad that you are increasingly active again."
    Thank you! Just had a short-to-medium-long writer's block and was able to solve the node degree. Just hope that the holding something. "Alternative" also depends to me often to their necks out, especially when one is usually located not at all sure that it does not pull the sameness on the thread. On the other hand, alternatives are urgently needed, degree in journalism.

    But what annoys me even more and / or fatigued than the word "alternative", (pseudo-) alternative media or anything else, is the fact that the planners evidently not engage in discourse with us ... 99.9999%. Are we where basically stupid? Or is there nothing to argue? Or will you just while you are crying hoarse Todgeschwiegen ever? At least a few inspired whistleblower would be nice (so ala Wikileaks but just much deeper, central quoting) ... so that would be my wish for 2012 Design.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    "Are we where basically stupid?"

    I do not think; in any case something affects us two.

    If anything, the contrary; you look at me, what for bowls that commit, let hyping up and move around enough. Intellectual mediocre, at best.

    And this is also the case in which they sit. No one with original life force and true intelligence wants to serve those who want to make this beautiful planet a detention center. Only Crazies do that.

    We are therefore at an advantage, no matter what great MK-Ultra techniques or anything like that feature.

    You can see it but in Afghanistan. They come through with all the high-tech. This can be applied to the mass manipulation thoroughly. It only looks like as if the intelligence was followed by the warmongers, because it is defined as intelligence that a Smart does. Just because it does not intelligent.

    Of course, many are afraid to realize we had that, but many simply do not have the linguistic means, appropriate things to communicate.

    So I know certainly that we are in the right place.

    And I know that this is perceived.

    We think that is structurally and in depth. Try it at least. Turn over every stone.

    This is not a self-adulation, but merely an inventory. At some point you have to be ready to be able to compare themselves in material things. Just trying to dissuade us, too, unlearn. To pose as the conceited who knows it even says that he thinks more accurate than the rabble chat on the talk shows. So what?

    We want to judge us about a Jauch or Joffe? Or a woman Antikonspirationstheoretikeropsychlog? A lemurs from the Pike Zoo?

    No, we go the way of the Nietzsche said "D s path does not exist!"

    What is there to people who know with all their technical equipment and expertise of all its not even have to weigh that little my comment?

    Therefore, knowing the only one grain of what I might say tomorrow? I am a hard drive?

    With a vocabulary of perhaps 50 to 100000 words I have stayed in a sentence of 24 words 50 000. 24 high ways. That's a lot of wood. As long fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence and terabytische extrapolation can keep playing until they just not get me on the ropes. Because even a medium text covers (we might pass from the structure of words) fast 400 words, ie 50 300 000 highly ways.

    Unfortunately, this is bad luck, dear believer electrical box.

    Conceptually, you make every day of the flash.

    From a single human spring.

    That's why I look left on this year in which the world was going to be staged again.

  5. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte
    Super formulated!

    "If anything, the contrary; you look at me, what for bowls that commit, let hyping up and move around enough. Intellectual mediocre, at best. And this is also the case in which they sit. No one with original life force and true intelligence wants to serve those who want to make this beautiful planet a detention center. Only Crazies do that. "
    This is already evident.

    On the other hand, this works to my knowledge at different levels and I would not exclude that also got a very respectable pile intelligence (though not in the sense of empathy) can be found. Seen mass Technically it is so that not only the join conduct, but also the run along by what ever reason. In this sense, the mass is controlled, and as long as it works, they can continue to write us graciously - without comment.
    They in no way necessary have a dialogue or are necessary, may show their arrogance - but possibly also security of dominance in all walks of life arises from centuries. "Yes, we can" is probably not really Obama's motto, but which her that always can ...

    "That's why I look left on this year in which the world was going to be staged again."
    Regarding doomsday am also left, not least because in the worst case just goes the world, or at least human civilization - and because you are not alone at least. But other alterfürchtige plans could still be used this year. In particular, one next to censorship violence, loss of privacy and Brutal crisis: The next world war. Total corny, I know, but still, I like the sentiment is not that tösende Säbelgerasse, this immense theater of war between Geheules - I suspect secretly - ultimately actors in the same theater group. I fear that 2012 war means, but I do not in any way clear how to prevent this war with all the scribbling. In the discipline of open, fair dialogue in any event, the puppet masters are above, above, above weak ...

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    Even if does not come more war, the next world war did (which I had to prevent as with everything scribbling also not clear), one can safely assume that in 2012, especially in connection with the 21 12, so some staging is applied; it will be interesting.

    As for the open, fair dialogue, so we will probably continue to remain little else than helping herbeizuzwingen this.

    PIPA and SOPA show any rate, as well as the Detention Act in the US, FEMA camps that those in power to adapt to severe stress scenarios.

  7. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte
    PIPA, SOPA, Detention Act, FEMA camps are also communication - probably the only thing they know, and master ... Why discuss when it reaches its destination via death, suffering, torture, censorship and apocalyptic end-time scenarios, is not it?

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    Yes, the mentioned niceties are undoubtedly communication: to speak the metalanguage of power.

    They also give us something in their hands: they are revealing.

    The Detention Act z. B., explaining not only foreigners but also all Americans actually for the state as an outlaw, was adopted by 93 votes to 7 and signed by Obama on New Year's Eve.

    As you know but then what one has at its legislators.

    Namely a gang of ruthless oppressors, who unpack all means.

    People who every American has the right, at least, if not the obligation, to drive away from their posts if necessary by force of arms.

    The fact that Obama has even far exceeded herewith the Patriot Act under Bush, the change Sharda, liberal (in the sense of loose and left), is already an irony of history.

    The whole Obimsallah-drunks who still like as if the Saviour have him to Berlin cheered, of course, want to know anything. The three monkeys.

    But Obama, probably irrelevant than ever ain US president before him, just a reinwäschige black doll with white mother. If he does not cooperate, he is dead, the goal.

    At least this (otherwise variously erpressbare) followers should therefore, as so stupid not to know, he is not no way to have some fun at his shitty job. Who has it now.

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