Hyper robbers? Teradiebe? Yottabetrüger? (II)

We are now linguistically to the effect made considerable progress, as the seller trillion debt were to benamen properly.

In addition to the title to perceive end first tentative steps lexematic we have now among others - readers Cornel goodness! - Using the ingenious word formation "hole seller". (As a dealer of not existing.)

I noticed then, along that of inspiration, even "Nichtsvergeldler", "hole dealer", "punch", "hole Metz", "Lochlud", just "hole Meier", a. (For further discussion of terms, see my comment to Cornels in the first part.)

"Zerbänker" I like not bad.

Or "Abbänker" (where you "abbänken" in Steinmetz beings under the simple shutting lifting a stone from the goats of course)?




"Metz money"?



"Exchange bender"?

"Hole truck"?

"Lever-toothed tiger"?

"Dump brake"?

"Groove"? (Is already besatzt stonework default.)



"Stenz Prince"?

I'm so slow to conclude that Cornel with his "hole Seller" - has made the philological race - at least for now.

And yet at the same time, or just right, meaning that it does not exist enough name for the Mitgleider this unprecedented gang.

If the holes already, so debt leverage, and sell, then it is our job to Analog doing.

On the open also down language Richter scale.

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