Hyper robbers? Teradiebe? Yottabetrüger?

There were times when there was "rabble" still a serious insult.

Thus were referred mendacious beggar, greasy Luden, wrecked Bordsteinschwalben, small pickpockets, torn player, windy Peeping bag, schlunzige matchmaker, swineherd that smelled like her boar, night watchmen who were worthless, venal constable, incompetent tinkers, unimaginative jugglers, confused treasure hunters and Fasler, scheeläugichte Haderlumpen collectors, private tutor, Madame longer taught as the daughter of the house, or both the same amount, writer, butchers, who wanted nothing to do with the fact that meat belongs to the sausage, bakery schlurige with too small sandwiches, stonemasons, each still so staggered engraving layers chunks to also the joints not properly zuzuschmieren, handaufhaltende usher, run-down Schluckspechte, übelst gossiping end washerwomen, bigoted priests with housemaid, quack, shysters, backyard bookmaker, exterminator, who brought with them their rats itself, rainmaker, itinerant preacher, poor shoe wanker, horse-copers , scholastics, minde courtiers, cheap womanizing, vain dandy, fat braggarts, hypocritical paragons of virtue, Rauf dealer, Weibsverprügler, sloth fruit sub-spool, Kohlennässer, defaulting soap makers, deceitful landlords, tooth-breaking Bader, the blind, who saw the lame could walk, wine and Bierpanscher, cowardly soldiers, bigots and slime, and Katzbuckler Seimer, Grüßauguste and Trina ...: in short, everyone knew who and what he meant!

But now we are so far that this over those word to use, embezzle billions of three- and four-digit, every slander by any means, of this daring even to speak up, a really intolerable insult to everything would be classic riff-raff.


No, that does not fit.

Blowflies are merely annoying, but do not eat a simply everything away.


No, they have to to hide and carry a significant risk.


That hits already rather because it is undoubtedly consist of bands.

Nevertheless, it is located at a bandit somehow tracked a little respectable member of society. Even if it is a noble bandit.

So how should we describe people that are in Dömen and locks each other and award prizes for honor and laudationieren that they rob the people, without even - to have to make only one shot - so far?

Hyper robbers?



I will identify sooner or later the right term: if I have to invent him specifically.

Everything that exists, can be also called correctly.

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11 Responses to "Hyper robbers? Teradiebe? Yottabetrüger? "

  1. Rainer Grzybowski says:

    My grandfather still remembers the correct term.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Rainer Grzybowski

    Your grandfather must have been a wise man.

  3. country dweller says:

    maybe you should be a kind of competition among your readers call:
    how can aptly describe this sort people having a concept, the offended morally superior standing?

  4. Info liner says:

    Passed intelligence test. In the midst of all your trash you have placed scholastics. Do not fit into your otherwise very unique list.

    I would not call, "those", because first I strengthen my attention, "those" and secondly, I do not think it is bad to offer by overindulgence in greed and lack of humanity which a useful knowledge base, which is not found have. Really bad words I am looking for those who know who join the theater anyway.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Rural residents

    What should I expose as a prize?

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Info Liner

    I've also been thinking about whether I should take the scholastics in a so illustrious circle.

    They act in it, too, a bit like the ox apple on the stained tablecloth.

    It may therefore be quite a personal rating.

    I quote times from Wikipedia, the entry "scholasticism":

    "Since the scholastic method in the universities and in the" study "called educational institutions of the mendicant orders was practiced, it is called" scholasticism "and especially of" scholastic theology "in the sense of a delimitation of the university theology of the monastic (in monastic religious communities tended) theology. "

    Mendicant orders: Because we have it, the rabble.

  7. Cornel says:

    Hole seller?

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Cornel

    Very good!

    We are about to Nichtsvergeldlern closer.

    A hole is at least advance a void, an emptiness: the language-powerful advantage that the hole only needs one syllable.

    "Seller" is, of course, simply right as the second part, but it upset me just a little, the three syllables.

    "Hole dealer" would be a scarce.

    Or "hole Kramer".

    How about "Metz hole"? (The one, however, could hold a decent mining engineer, so does one of the holes needed, and not sold their content.)

    Or, if we are talking about the Metzen, with catchy alliteration and only six phonemes "Lochlud"?

    (Simple "punch" saved one more thing, however, would probably be easily confused.)

    In any case, you have the thing towards its core essence, namely the What, brought out of nowhere.

    Furthermore, it is questionable whether the intelligibility and clarity of your proposal, whether here was too stingy to one or two syllables.

    Allzumal, Because the four traditionally stands for zahlensymbolisch power.

  9. Cornel says:


    The Celler hole has inspired me; a German pico-911, so to speak, which had so many Lochlud just fit in one of the stuff.


    Lochit- Bandit of the hole
    Hole Rochester - Gangster of the hole
    Four hole - ditto
    Moloch - biblical reference to Phoenician-Canaanite sacrificial rites, which provided after the biblical tradition, the sacrifice of children by fire ...

    I have right now a cool blond pour, forty degrees in the shade and not a cloud far and wide, delirium risk. Cheers.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Cornel

    Well then schüttma ', a hole.

    "Hole Ster" would be what Scots ...

  11. country dweller says:

    how about ner invitation for the winner and ursel leyen after hammelburg?
    the lady would be interchangeable -also merkel, steini, ackermann, etc. would be useful. and what it does to the guest the ... ..
    embarrassing survey with coffee and cherry pie?

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