Breivik not alone?

Now, a Norwegian professor expressed the suspicion that the assassins, Breivik could have gotten help from the Israeli side.

"Conspiracy theories" to the effect that the mass murderer not only did so to act, abound on the net.

Find yourself then, if you're interested, you can find it easily.

I was apart of many inconsistencies in the matter (which I now also do not want to list here), most surprised (or is this normal? - In which case maybe something like that ...) that Breivik's Masonic Lodge does not completely on its head was, apparently, not all masons were so mercilessly and detail, as permitted by the laws, interrogated. (I made this sad topic in a previous article, the somewhat macabre joke that we now kennten each chicken with Norwegian name, Breivik Member would have been in a chicken breeder club.)

Anyway, as far as I know, not officially.

There was also speculation that Breivik was a "MK-Ultra" product.

I have my doubts whether something will work at all.

Anyway, 'reliable'.

I do not think it is also excluded.

After all, you have this man, who immediately confessed after his killing spree, while, as long as you still got to face him, very happy and satisfied, now declared insane.

Who walks around as a "MK-Ultra", it should give is undoubtedly insane, albeit from outside induziertermaßen.

Only one aspect yet.

Breivik has with his act - whether as an individual offender or not (at least one second, the speech was variously) - at least initially the opposite of achieved what he wanted ostensibly: namely, a national anti jerk in Norway. And not only there.

The hinwiederum nothing may mean, for a madman who thinks in his madness against their own targets around the corner and shoots.

Nevertheless, it is part of the overall picture.

One for me still though definitely extremely gloomy, but still unclear.

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5 Responses to "Breivik not alone?"

  1. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    This link I want now but still to make:

  2. Ricar says:

    yes, there are always strange coincidences, if only held anti-terrorism exercises, and then enters the reality.
    Somehow there seems to be a frequent coincidence the last years excel.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Ricar

    You know that the reality is nowadays virtually.

  4. Manno man says:

    Beware if somewhere a, anti-terror exercise 'takes place! Why not for a change, broken water pipe "or a cable fire '? Probably would this 'disguise' too difficult for the primitive killer of intelligence. It must be all so practiced already, how's it supposed to actually happen '.

  5. Ricar says:

    You know that the reality is nowadays virtually.

    not only heutzutage.Der mind creates his scenario, and when he did it well, so he can experience it too soon.
    Whether it is "good", however, comes to the opinion of the observer.

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