The time for Atlantic Bridge-presidential rather than AB-Presidential

The time, the central organ of the notorious Bilderberger Joffe and that Bohemian Grove specialists Schmidt, excels again today itself.

She says German President Wulff should resign because of his disreputable house loan.

Then, to make room for ..., so grandiose includes one article "The nice Mr. Wulff" (Wiff?), I intentionally do not link now:

"And imagine the consequences if Germany now sparkling, independent intellectuals Joachim Gauck at the top would actually. That would have certainly much to say about the Euro crisis and the political upheavals in the world. "

And so would the country's highest office, that of the head of state, seamlessly from one Atlantic Bridge member to the other over. (After previously in appearance to today took. Just as Bush and Kerry in a battle against Skull & Bones Skull & Bones.)

So to speak, from one who knows, maybe not even spell the word independence properly, to one who, as a priest by profession, Hebrew, Greek and Latin should have learned, that, without prejudice to his club membership (no chicken farmer), a "sparkling, independent intellectuals ".

Then shall laugh not even the chickens, but lower the comb loose head, cooing and pawing tristemang continue in German soil.

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2 Responses to "Time for Atlantic Bridge-presidential rather than AB-Presidential"

  1. rundertischdgf says:

    Because in these texts also getting a dose of satire lies, we grab something. Men have completely gone from power, we now also need at last a Federal President

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rundertischdgf

    THE President is required.

    It is intolerable that this office is still burdened by a gender role.

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