Volker Zastrow unmasked zu Guttenberg

Of the transatlantic networks that have built zu Guttenberg and support - see Friederike Beck "The Guttenberg Dossier" - (now published by us as a book , front view, right: the President and other "greats" come incidentally also therefore), told the FAZ -Journalist Volker Zastrow here unfortunately nothing: www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/guttenberg-ein-gefaehrlicher-mann-11542304.html

But he dares in this article quite a bit.

For he describes the Baron as a "juggler" and says, who was "a truly dangerous man".

Zastrow afraid not even shrink from behind, relentlessly addressing the suggestibility and large vanity newspaper offices by such figures, certain mechanisms.

In terms of zu Guttenberg the FAZ seems hereby to hold remarkably course.

So she sat down since the plagiarism scandal beneficial of the unspeakable experiments of Springer-sheets as well as other off, these hypocrites and Blender still to justify the unspeakable contortions, even the dark powers and envious unfair ousted tribunes hochzustilisieren, the content sometimes as otherwise a small Klassenarbeitabschreiber have a little cheated, as everyone is well, a little stumble before in his life. (So ​​the motto, who is without sin ...)

It must be what this guy now attaches again, brazenly called pigs.

He grins, as incarnated in-law dream, therefore, emblazoned by his whole biography is highly doubtful, immediately armed with just this aesthetic lie overnight again on the front pages of almost all sheep media, must be beweihräuchern, as he would be at least the little brother of the Messiah.

"A man has managed to split the country. And that means really: power. "

These dry, clear words Volker Zastrow opened his appreciation of this master of the Potemkin facade.

If the nation should dwindle such figures, then, well, since there is such a phrase which "hits the fan" ends with.

Where everything is larva, nothing is real.

Then the Lord God is not always known there when you need him straight, we are a totally of hubris besatzte Type probably have to stop myself.

In all rigor and clarity.

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