Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce correct

A few days ago I ran - something vertrant - by a large Biolebensmittelmarkt, which also offers some affordable goodies.

In a special presentation basket because I saw some twenty glasses lie, with the inscription "Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce".

'What shall it be this time?'

So it went through my mind, but I forgot, as I said, something schimmelköpficht, the first thing.

When I came yesterday to this place again saving the world, I wanted to look into the matter but again, I'd rather just watch for special varieties of idiocy, if I whose presence could have not imagined about.

So asked a seller about the existence of such a product, and, yes, that was it.

So sort of a meatless mince tomato sauce.

It gets better.

Soon there milchprodukt free Käsfondue.

Sodium chloride Seamless table salt.

Guaranteed liquor-free produced pretzels.

Very well.

Jesus drank unfermented wine, my some time some "early Christians".

But when there is finally an equally traditional as unique vegetarian dish with beef brisket tired?

Halallige lenses with massive pork belly drinne?

Koscheröse lasagna, guaranteed with Käs and meat?

Oh well.

We prefer to leave harmless vegetarians Sprachverdrehspäße.

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11 Responses to "Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce correct"

  1. TanjaKrienen says:

    Hm, but that is so very stupid as it sounds at first. Man is a creature of habit and wants, even if he tries to turn away from meat, eat meat like - because he knows it so. I also tried from August to November completely meatless eating (my second attempt after 1990/91), but because the meat substitutes taste or look like almost all bad, I have now stopped the experiment and try again - as before - as little meat to eat. But just "Meatballs" and small side dishes taste quite passable, while other things were to bear with a lot of ketchup or a "being made" or actual gravy. One should also much of what goes under "soy", critical look at ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tanja Krienen

    I do not know if it's true, but I've heard that you get from soy tits.

    So, if true, this stuff is only recommended for some men.

    Ernst aside.

    Your analysis is of course correct.

    You want the meat wegverselbstheilandete somehow, if only linguistically-mental, replace.

    Makes for that purpose also compliant to Hunz.

  3. Bookmark says:

    Hello Hers,

    I made very good and above all interesting experience with a vegetarian diet.

    So first of all I do not think it advisable to Looks-from-like or tastes-like recourse. Vegetarian diet is really great if you tried completely different recipes. It then does not compare with the meaty "originals". There is really very delicious dishes, for example, vegetable pies, casseroles., Vegetable risottos etc.

    During my first pregnancy I only fed me vegetarian, which was also very well possible, because near my workplace there was a anthrophosophisches restaurant where you could very cheap lunch. In the morning I started with homemade granola, etc.

    As our Great then a few months also mitaß, she avoided any form of meat. She ate it just is not. What they ate, however, were all varieties of fruit and especially raw vegetables. With Biokeksen but you could chase them - our son is too.

    In the second pregnancy, I took the not so accurate. Although I did not eat very much meat, because I'm not a meat nose anyway, but so now and then but - especially when we are once went to the Greek night. Our son ate a passion for meat - less today than as an infant. Meat was always the first thing he went to the dining table.

    Since this experience I riddles, whether the diet during pregnancy influences the later human nutrition. Actually, it seems to me absurd before, but amazingly I found the observation already.

    Sunday greetings

    from bookmarks

  4. TanjaKrienen says:

    Yes Magnus, it is said that boys feminize stronger when they grow up in vegetarian households, not because of the attitude there, but because of the side effects of eating.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Quite remarkable aspect!

    (We have here thankfully not be politically correct.)

  6. Bookmark says:

    Time for future reference:

    Otherwise, there were times of Otto the nasty joke that vegetarians do not necessarily live longer, but just look older: D

  7. TanjaKrienen says:

    But I do think that a lower meat consumption has a positive effect. You (at least I) can almost despair in the face of the animal killings and simultaneously missing, tasty diet alternatives.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    My two boys quite chewy and I eat at a chicken at least twice.

    The same is true in general, if I'm a real Bolo with 500 grams of beef.

    However, it is almost like the Stuttgart train station, sometimes I would have been almost out of spite desire more meat to eat.

    Vegetarianism is me that is, as dishonest religion, increasingly on the bag.

    Almost all they eat Käs and eggs, so live by animal husbandry.

    What do you do then, if you please, with male calves, kids, etc.?

    Let rot on the field?

    Get the skinners immediately after birth?

    Should we just leave all wild unused?

    What's with cloth, Eskimos, Maasai, all the nations and territories around the world, which can only survive by livestock?

    All the steppes and savannas of Asia, South America, etc., where corn do not grow now times, the ox or sheep but already?

    I have nothing against the decision to Fleischlosigkeit.

    But something about it that vegetarians, inflating, stylize the jaws to gooders.

    What, unfortunately, a significant portion of those do.

  9. Pro Humani says:

    I am in search of the highest form of life. sounds now eso, but is so.
    I mean, how am I to live. what should make sense.
    I came more and more to philosophy!
    I never would have thought that I will learn to love philo. in the school (abi2000) I have no religion I had teaching or philo. speak no bock ... gelabber.
    Now years later opened my spirit, my perception and my awareness of things that I will analyze in more detail and must. my life (useful) ... because.
    and when I came but to eat.

    after months of discussion with myself, I decided the following motto for me to internalize:
    EAT WHAT YOU KILL YOU CAN! (Direct / indirect)
    if you manage to wipe out an animal that live, he shall be but more meat / cadaver eat!
    I got my meat / carcass consumption of 5 kg per month to zero grams reduced. I am fond of animals, and in the eyes of my dog ​​(11 years I him) increasingly have the love and connectedness seen and felt; I can not kill cows. or a chicken. or any other mammal.

    because I used to fish a lot, I can kill fish. so the moment is that I meat (in this case fish) angle my own. I can not (yet) a fish chop off the head. why? I do not know yet. must feel for trout probably still more dear;-)
    also i can steal the chickens eggs. and milk peg I also the cow from.
    BUT I have taken a huge step, all the people MUST do if they want to be BETTER live in her.
    ohh I sound now but provocative? yeah right, because I've got a thing for me discovered. is the human being develops the higher, the less meat / fish / cadaver / he must eat. because high spiritual development means to me, absolute pacifism to everything. also all animals (homo sapiens = mammal)
    what we allow ourselves as mammals, anyway? slaughter from other critters?

    So I take short times together as I switched:
    of earlier 5 kg meat (beef / pork / chicken / turkey) whose zero kg.
    currently I eat 4 trout, 4 eggs, 4 liter milk / cheese PER MONTH!
    I do not eat soy products. I have replaced meat with asparagus / mushrooms / beans. that's okay.
    Conclusion: THE PHILOSOPHY introduced me to these steps. and I must go on. I feel incredibly better and much stronger. I also do not see typical veggie out or something. well, as I said. A steak is a thousand times sweeter than NEN salad, but it is also rückschrittiger and underdeveloped. I do not mean bad, but this is my result of my own recherche.

    'm going to give another article writing on my blog page ...
    zeitgeist-online is the best! as always ... I think my dear ..but magnus, you will not here me ... so agree. : P
    ps: role models for me in this theme the way f nietzsche, c.. lewis, m. gandhi

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Pro Humani

    Well, I have to agree with you but not in the sense of my own life, to accept your setting.

    I expect any man that he eats meat. Nor, as that one should drink beer.

    When are you no good, even better, why should I grieve that?



  11. DABn says:

    Moin Magnus Wolf Goeller,
    I personally do think that vegetarians actually lead a better lifestyle.
    Of course, animals are kept in masses for dairy products. That does not however, that you through his abstinence from meat, no influence on the conditions in factory farms. At least not when the number of vegetarians (and vegans, of course) continues to grow.

    I (who is also no Vegetatier but only you and often without meat) personally think not, that groups such as Eskimos or others should refrain from livestock / hunting and voluntarily die of starvation.
    It's more about our areas, where meat consumption is pure luxury to do so and to reduce factory farming.
    It's also not just about the animals, but also the food that is fed to them in attitude and so drive up international prices for these products. Of course there are some other arguments against factory farming in this current dimensions.

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