Göllers tits

Some time ago I stayed "with" a gay (a very nice, art-loving man).

"With" in the sense that we respect at night in a dwelling quarters.

There I was, just before the COVERS (separate!) Bedsteads yet, innocent, and, as it is my way of thinking nothing of it, accompanied walking shirtless, one of the hardest compliments of my life.

I would "really great tits!"

Here I will now describe my general anatomy unspecified, but which for the purposes of thing but so much that it is difficult to recognize beer and / or feeding tits for me, as some men carry them around without doubt.

Only one still passable, functional fashionable chest muscles, which are now times need to, inter alia, to be able to move his arms anyway.

I certainly was served.

And luckily so tired that I only something about "what kind of times" murmured no longer about pondering and quickly sank into my slumber.

Had the nice man at least my tight ass (goes somewhat, at least when I the ass purposeful anspanne) praised, or the taut thighs, my sonorous voice because of me, I know; but: my "tits"!

He also assured yet, they are really cool.

Oman Manno!

Here are my "boobs" with the naked eye to see under my neandertal esque chest hair barely!

Probably, I said to myself the other day, but only once you've learned something.

This time, which can be understood as anything under tits.

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4 Responses to "Göllers tits"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Hahaha: D

    Magnus, this story was just the sugar cubes in my morning coffee. So it can go.

    So when this subtle contemporary should plan to convince straight people of the benefits of being gay, he should perhaps set some better pick-up lines.

    Be otherwise rather glad that he has not taken care of your ass, you'd otherwise you possibly can feel threatened. This happened namely the husband of a colleague, the clueless with his men's bowling club in September went to Ibiza times. At this time the island was declared a holiday destination for gay and his comment after the holiday was: "Never again. As one can run as a man with the butt along the wall. "

    Evil, evil :)

    Have a nice day to Germany wishes

    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Well, I was pretty sure that the person would not be violent: otherwise I would hardly half stripped me so negligent.

    The Ibiza with I've also heard ever.

    In addition, that there will gekokst that the noses smoke and durchschmurgeln the brains.

    Certainly not the place where I will even look Mediterranean relaxation.

  3. TanjaKrienen says:

    A little awkward and rough the compliment, but he is probably a real man, and wanted to push you into the female role. Two children, which has been something maternal. You should now arrived. Have just vorbeigeschrammelt ...

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    The man is not a wimp, in fact.

    Has previously worked alone worn washers on the hump to the third floor. (And today is not just all the way down. However, if we are talking about male boobs, I realize now that he has any more than I do.)

    Your analysis is probably true. (Thanks for the tip with the "mothering", derived from the two children that I now times not only bevatern, but, as far as you can, and must mothering. And the consequent "drive in the female role." Again what learned.)

    For your conclusion, however, that I "just vorbeigeschrammelt" was, but my argument.

    So easy schrammelt me ​​no. (Unless he's Wu-Dang kung fu master and, after appropriate lesson on a totally zerschroteten, bloody, unconscious man rest here.)

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