Recognition of Angstart

Now that it is, almost everything around just whines, or squashed on sidings.

The leftists so silken as the sixteenth rights.

Just not too much wrong word said!

This is currently - almost all - the solution.

"I must not be against all these wars, but also not too bad. Above all, I must not say who they actually leads why. "

The currently live most of both sides.

In between, she then poisons himself spare looking at each other.

Something called decadence.

Hostile in virtually congruent submission.

Blödbattel, Schreibattel, voting cattle.

You can also find on both sides with the high finance - oh, I spoke evil of the bad word? - Not good: but even this word, leaving this to the Goeller.

Thank you.

Recognition from both sides.

And if only the Angstart.

After all.

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2 Responses to "recognition of Angstart"

  1. Ox says:


    that reminds me of "Hans-Fritz Beckmann" s:

    "A flash in the pan, only accidentally - she lived two days ...
    and then as her soul to heaven entgegenschwebet -
    You sighed: I have the eternity erlebet ...!

    As far as the topic generational contract-friendliness ...

    Hopefully !: ... behind the horizon it continues ...

    Compliments to MG!

    (And again, it does not read Sau / The Pig / inn.)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Ox

    Thanks for the compliment.

    But Few read it already.

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