Libya war and Lies: The scoreboard

While the circumstances surrounding the death of Gaddafi are not yet fully understood what they will perhaps never be (theories, he was still alive, already haunted through the net: but what wonder, with all the lies), was now after all the victory over him and announced his regime and celebrated.

Fasting must be noted that NATO had to fly probably more than 10 000 combat missions (and then some on the ground "rules"), to bring about the new situation.

This would mean that they would have been promoted in five fatalities per 50,000 people attack the afterlife.

But these 50 000. - or more - almost dead has simply not existed.

Because there was simply no images.

The only images that were our Glotzodromen were those of rebels in heroic.

Just imagine what we would get to see such attacks by Russian or Chinese air force had been flown.

Since the photo editors have long puzzled over how far you will go in the early evening news when many of the little children of God even look.

And the sheep media journalists have had daily foaming at the mouth, because of all the poor civilian victims, especially women and children.

And whether the country is now at least halfway "pacified" I have no idea.

After all reasonably credible seeps through, meanwhile, that the various militias refuse to be so easy to disarm.

Who would have thought.

Almost certainly, however, is that the infrastructure of the once richest country in Africa is destroyed to a large extent.

But we do not even get pictures of no more smoking ruins.

No only possible overview of what the damage done As for material damage.

But that's nothing: it works contracts are soon to meet.

And we want our German course times ashamed again that we have not really mitgebombt from the beginning.

Well, what can I tease me about it: Shame we finally have us always.

We also need the British and French also times indulge a little bit; former industry is barely existent, the latter are only viable in a few areas with ours.

That's pretty common from us.

We should be ashamed of something. (After all, get the now dead for the oil. All the bombs and kerosene were not sure vain.)

I digress a little.

But only a little.

It's all a cruel hoax.

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Who can stand it, can here see how the corpse of Gaddafi in a store hinstinkt forward and westernized.

Here the sewer, where Gaddafi is said to have hidden shortly before his death, in which almost completely destroyed the city of Sirte.

And Russia complained a bit, because with the execution of Gaddafi, the law is broken.

German Speaking even this , among other things, a designated border comparison image of the city of Misrata.

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8 Responses to "war in Libya and Lies: The scoreboard"

  1. rundertischdgf says:

    Who is to some extent still sane, which is what is happening in Libya also need to assess.

  2. hans-in-happiness says:

    The main thing we still feel well after we did not protest loudly against all this madness ...

    But who can afford shame nowadays ...

    How do we want all times tell our grandchildren ...

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hans-in-happiness

    Should I not be there, my kids will tell their grandchildren.

    Also, that her grandfather has not partake on the contrary.

    And I do not have to be ashamed of.

    I protest loudly every day.

  4. Requ Erlich says:

    @ @ Magnus and all

    "I protest loudly every day."

    I find it very good Magnus.

    But what good is loud protest, then when you eg softly again puts his signature on the ID card re-applied? What then adding just to be German, but the rest (to be chosen by all the people in a free vote Constitution) is eliminated and thus its assent to everything now just have to mean wrong, so personally expressed.

    "And I do not have to be ashamed of."

    Must be ashamed ANYONE who somehow participates in the big game. And basically, that's actually still as good as ALL. Even if they do not like to have it come true. Anyone who has actually dares to draw a real border and say conclusion from here it sounds (and I hear) now quite so on.

    Actually does not vote only one that understands that it is better not to be a part of this world, including the system here and that is exactly what pervades, with all the consequences that may thus come to him. And so one will always get all the hate of others to feel, for the simple reason that he is different.

    Unlike, for example, are the so-called Penner, the homeless. Who wants to be life eke out how such a bum? I now heard of such, but also carried a passport around with you, now that he finally wants to draw the line, saying that he now intends to burn. Whether he really did it, I do not know. If it does, then he has finally made it, and thus actually to turn the system also in the world here back.

    As long as there is still a ifs and buts are, as long as one has to also be ashamed of.

    Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You can not serve God and mammon.

    If you think that does not concern me, I'm not a believer who has already picked but then his God in the form of Mammon - but unfortunately the wrong one.

    These rates fell to me now a grad so. You may take it to me please do not crooked, that I applied them here. It takes up no one mentioned it to feel, who does not want it, or it does not see.

    In Libya arms of the German company Heckler & Koch could have emerged. They were sold legally, according to the company to Egypt. Somewhere in Germany they have been so made. Who contributed only as a minor employee to attach a little screw on such a weapon or someone who does his job in the company's office who makes my opinion just as guilty, if it has been murdered with such a weapon, such as the who pulled the trigger of the gun. Be ashamed of practically all. And again and again everything seems to repeat again and again give grandfathers and grandmothers before, they would have not gone through it, or they would have following orders or regulations is sufficient. It's never wants to be at the end someone was actually, it was always the others who have done evil.

    hans-in-happiness said, "But who can nowadays afford shame ..."

    To afford shame, costs nothing. But to stand by his own guilt, sometimes costs a lot to overcome.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Is Required

    I do not know if it's forgivable that I myself do not want to loose as ID card bum who only comes through begging, live.

    The then living on the charity that extort the people out of the system for him.

    So too it and in it: and makes the other on top of that a guilty conscience.

    But I know that my children if I just let you down, come to the orphanage.

    Or in a foster family that will be sought out by government agencies and closely that it ... blow into conformist Sch into it.

    The permit, which would be unforgivable.

    And I do not have to be ashamed of every villain and murderer.


    And I do not want it too.

    One of the cases where not want and do not necessarily coincide.

    Sometimes I really think you like these Bible has not been good, not good for.

    It seems you against your fellow man to pole namely: not only against murderers and villains.

    But practically against each other.

    Think about it.

    That is, if you're in the mood.

  6. Coming back to Libya ... Western opinion makers celebrate murder and Sharia as liberation "Adalbert Meckerecke says:

    [...] ... In Libya and Lies: The score is ... [A summary of various facts and inconsistencies, which shows clear and very aptly, [...]

  7. Requ Erlich says:

    @ Magnus

    "The then lives on the alms which extort the people out of the system for him.

    But I know that my children if I just let you down, come to the orphanage. "

    I see by your words only turn to Mammon and that speaks to you from the anxiety. If they had forced you in the Second World War to go to the front in order for the former regime to kill others, would you be gone or you would have taken the much more difficult path and're a deserter and active resistance fighters become what might the immediate execution of had had a row? Millions of Germans then took the easy way out, many survived the war, had children. What they told her grandchildren, provided that they have once asked about their past under Hitler? Probably they talked themselves out so that it is now time was no different and they had to join in, because they would have otherwise come himself to it. At least, I have often heard from elders, as I had asked. What we read deeper because out: The turn to Mammon and very scared.
    Although nowadays makes a slightly different war in our country (and everywhere else), but basically the situation at issue in the core, but again the same.

    Yes, even you think about it once ("That is, if you're in the mood".). As for me, I've been thinking a long time ago.
    And who has ever talked about it, and you shall let your children down? Is it not rather to do exactly the opposite of the desert?
    What do all that finally the system but the fidelity holding previously done than to let her grandchildren down?
    And today do their descendants again, and is the worst thing she did not even remember even more. And if they notice they do, they have always had an excuse. One must live on something, after all, being, sure, only to them by the system imposed currency and actually think only of their own welfare. Where they pretend by acting against not only their children but also hypocritical basically against itself having to do it this way for their children.

    However, this only means that despite all the grumbling, they end up doing it with good, because it is after all no other way out of their them from childhood inflicted view. Do not go it differently? Walking would it have changed, only the way to go then consistently for himself and his grandchildren to an end, which is then spared from hypocritical reasons.
    What did you mean to say later, your grandchildren when they ask you: You Grandpa, why did you then fought only with empty words, as it should be about to send us all finally into total slavery?

    And they come closer and closer to their goal:

    "Or in a foster family that will be sought out by government agencies and closely that it ... blow into conformist Sch in them."

    In kindergarten today's children are already fully trimmed to sacrifice for the system, at school, it then continues compulsory education is also FORCED who affords arbitrary actions on the job, was cited - our whole life is built only on one thing - FORCED and MONEY to which one does not come without coercion. Anyway, usually not as much as that one could make a living fairly without coercion from outside. In a beautiful system we live and we live in, because it allows each of us, that they can enslave us and basically make us what they want. I was not asked if I wanted the euro, if I want the EU, whether I want to let me patronize of riff-raff in Government, etc.
    Have they asked you? Surely not. But why do you think that then, in effect, still prefer the bar and let your anger on me and my zeal for the Bible to read and they do not just stand there to have made, but where I only say what is going on?
    Policemen do this before in their way when they beat down demonstrators. You have the wrong authority often prescribed with body and soul, and then do not let no other way to their conscience come to the surface, as a strike, again and again, because it approve their rules them and because they all also of anything must live. Hypocritical up.

    "It seems you against your fellow man to pole namely:., Not only against murderers and villains"

    I can understand why you do not like the Bible and the truth in it.

    I have met people in my life and have to experience that showed me deutlichst that other types of murderers and villains, just hide behind masks, regulations and even among white, clean overalls. Actually, these are then even worse murderers and villains because they pretend to be something they are not. Hypocritical, so to speak.

    "So also it and therein: and makes the other on top of that a guilty conscience."

    If anyone needs themselves done nothing wrong and he is on the right track, which should enable it other then to persuade him guilty?
    I had written, who it looks different, the need to feel not addressed by my words.

    "But in practice against each other."

    So what? EVERY one of us is indeed complicit in what is running and what times should be for our grandchildren's future.

    "I do not know if it's forgivable that I myself do not want to loose as ID card bum who only comes through begging to live."

    Have you ever heard or read thereof:

    Who can issue an identity card, which must not be surprised that it is such as personnel, ie treated more like a slave or prisoner of war.
    The company FRG for 60 years (compulsory military service) ZB Financial Inc. made with their male staff what they wanted, including pervy doctor games. It was for the future after the war in a different way. We were asked if we want to join in there? I do not know.
    Now they could leave that with the military because they already have a "better" program for their slaves for the future. And they are their main goal now very close.

    I think I am correct polarity, but again I note with regret the highest that my fellow men, forgiveness for the most part and last end but only ass-kisser. As I said, it must feel directly addressed itself yes no.

    This concludes really entirely my comment scribbling on the Internet. After all, the Internet is part of the system, and this just pisses me off.
    Who now thinks, but even he also has internet, is mistaken, because I did not and I myself will never ask for as a connection for me.

    Have a good time

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Is Required

    Well, then you have previously used just one other network connection.

    To any Mammonites and system asshole.

    That was so stupid and cunning to make him available to you.

    On your Bible (Your Bibles), which have been given to you or you ewarbst, has probably still such a lousy bloodsuckers printer which deserves the truck driver who drove around the pallets, packing, paper and cardboard supplier etc .: And finally, perhaps some greasy unbelieving bookseller.

    Or do you have it written down by hand in the library or at a fellow believer?

    The paper made from your home-grown poplars, scooped the ink from your fish pond?

    And the one who gave Jesus sandals and jerkin, how could he?

    Your thoughts, your ideas have become delusional exaggerated and lead into the abyss.

    And, as this will be my last rebuttal, if you keep your word and nothing more say, now drives you hate.

    The against yourself and everyone else (with one exception I heard at least nothing; there should be a pass or a few, then it's just almost everyone else).

    I wish you that you stop and look at the latest shortly before the crash.

    An angel brings you yet time for the reason, I can quite probably not send you unfortunately.

    Unless you recognize him in that speech.



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