The art of the Mannlosigkeit

"I usually do not like to apply exclusively to women of childbearing age do, but today it no other way.

How do you manage to be reasonably attractive young woman abzukriegen not a man?

Here is the greatest care and vigilance is needed.

Because there is still a lot that testosterone-driven monsters out there who have long since realized that women do not want any more men.

Believe it simply does not.

And even if it does not work out longer, let these primeval err not after.

On the contrary: Then they look at each naked girls or movies where women get it on with men. Perverse.

And the perceived gay growth rate may just unfortunately only be felt: Well, that does not exist so much more gay than before, only more prominent.

And, ladies, do not be fooled: Even if you are real lesbians that many of them are still not good vibes from.

On the contrary.

However, there are now bright spots, especially in London and New York.

If woman somehow manages to some extent over the thirty, the risk seems at least in modern cities over a large extent; the men of the corresponding social class want to or can not.

They are like woman ready.

Or do they possibly before, but for God's sake do not regularly.

Which can be sometimes more than leap yet.

Just kidding. Hehe.

But see things are still not going anywhere so bright; in the lower class and lower middle class - which includes most - is itself in his thirties, even after failed marriages and the dog knows what still dug and courted as before, so that female fortitude remains an art.

There are all sorts of Broken and Scratched Naughty, of the times uncooperative, Kecke, Daring and unquestioned that you ladies, I know very well, can make life difficult even romp.

Your task is of considerable severity, no question.

But remember, ladies, how many generations have fought in front of you for getting a husband that your generation will revert to fight this battle for final victory!

Emasculate you finally!

Smile to never met a man!

Each contemptuous glance is a stage victory!

Satchel it to if he wants to carry the bucket, just as if he does not offer to wear it!

Take him the rest of those acoustic shreds, which he calls a language!

Praise him only when he humbles himself before you, and then only knappst!

Command you!

No man who is not born a servant!

Still looks a sassy, ​​so show him!

Or just too time so if you feel like it!

And a man who pays a lot and has nothing to say, may be worth more than a worthy servant, do not ever forget!

Your big battle to lead the assault on I chosen is nearing decisive victory!

Down with the beschwanzten worms!

Though it still hiss and writhe!

Bile, mandrel and curses the fuss!

A Ducking and twitching!

A Erstinken the sinking!


Soon it's done! "

(Anonymous secret transcript from the Frumania Lodge Hamburg, July 2011)

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12 Responses to "The Art of the Mannlosigkeit"

  1. Dude says:

    Ave Caesar
    Morituri te salutant

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    Tell your people that they will have to wait another two or three days.

    The lions have just eaten.

  3. Dude says:

    Then I tell them much rather they should seize the opportunity and get the lions! But listen anyway ... not ... at least I can laugh in three days:-D

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    He did not scorn my cats.

    Although they prefer with acorn rosemary bacon, garlic and Würzbrot lined fat Illyrians, because of the tender marbled meat, not disdain, for a change but also a käswürzig-tendinous Helvetii.

    The latter seem to always start them not quite to flavored with, but at the end they gnaw with an amazing dedication from their bones to make them then because of Marks loud and relish to crack.

    The Publiko like this always extraordinary.

  5. Tester says:

    So what concerns me, I "have done". Up to 3-4 honorable exceptions, I do not know any more women with whom I could start something serious or want. Only brain amputated in a huge, totally perverted kindergarten. A cartoon of life.

    The NWO has won in this case, and I'll probably make my contribution to population reduction by non-proliferating. Can me all times.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Tester

    So I sachma if you to be able to look at least three to four lucrative offers to enjoy the privilege are chosen by fate, then you complain at a high level.

  7. Tester says:

    Sorry, no "deals" but only acquaintances, the (happy) are already assigned. I meant that literally, that I only ever so many know that are good thing.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Tester

    I'm sorry if I misinterpreted you there.

  9. Cornel says:

    Bitter than death, only the woman.
    Exactly, God is a hoot
    Children Children
    I smile because no
    I have Tät which
    I Flög after BinLaden
    Preferential I'm voting,
    Laugh. With your heart.

    Tester; Pachamama is grateful to us. Peace bro, everything is one.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Cornel

    After I misunderstood mockingly did wrong tester (here again for forbearance), I am even more surprised your poetry.

    As though a new love poetry would ersprießen beyond new world orders.

    A proof of how quickly a half funs half Ernst may be, who did not could be more fun than at the end of the half the fun of itself.

  11. Bookmark says:

    Just read in TIME:

    "Generic masculine forces student magazine in the knee

    In Hamburg, Asta and editor of a student magazine divide on gender-neutral language. The future of the magazine is on the line .... "

    For this purpose, writes commentator Kurt Kraus:

    . "12 Dear children and children inside
    The ASTA is to take care of child care for students prefer because it can let off steam feminist.
    A women's movement that has no other issues than the destruction of the German language and the penetration fears of Alice Schwarzer, is a laughing stock. "

    Isses nich beautiful: D


    the bookmark

  12. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Everyone dies as best he can.

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