SPON: Swabia as a race

In Berlin - especially in Prenzlauer Berg - exercise one for quite some time in national hostility.

The main objective of hatred are the Swabians, now to arson against prams (not Swabian Berlin to have children) and a call for murder.

The conflict in the Berlin district of whether the many newcomers is mocking already called "Prenzlingen" from the southwest, describes the mirrors so :. "What a feeling that as legitimate Gentrifizierungskritik, is for the other racism"

Berlin Swabia hatred as legitimate criticism or as "racism"?

Is there already Racism within a race?

The Hartz race against the Schaffer race or what?

As himself Schwabe course I'm glad that I now belong, according to Upper Sheep medium to a persecuted minority on racial grounds.

What every public utterance schwaben enemy should fall under sedition.

Because you should get to do well in Mannheim, when the Schwaben is granted a status, as it now occupy only groups of people who I do not want to mention here, that they may see not turn discriminated against or denigrated by the Swabians comparison.

In addition, the racial status of Swabia us is not yet legally protected by a Präzendenzurteil.

Therefore Until then, I give all compatriots of good advice to be careful for the time being.

Otherwise we will end up itself before the Kadi: for fraudulent pretense of a race and thus racism against all real breeds.

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3 Responses to "SPON: Swabia as a race"

  1. Sebo says:

    Prams? They can get into trouble before. In Berlin. Stroller other hand, are not attacked in the rule. In addition, an aversion to West German is nothing new with Berliners. Hamburg is to my knowledge the only acceptable alternative. The Berlin racism aimed rather against the breed of German non Berlin. But since then wird's more complicated. On the other hand, comforting: Schwaben, You are not alone!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sebo

    Thank solidarity.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sebo


    It's simple: If foreigners nerves, may not be said in Berlin.

    The'll smash your face.

    And although heavy.

    Now one has figured out why as Ressentimentersatz the Swabians, on the one pretty much everything can let go without move in that state and constitutional protection.

    You can substitute facing a German tribe let down, safely.

    It's that simple.

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