Swabia as a race (II)

Since the Schwabe is neither recognized by the phenotype, not even to determine beyond doubt in a full genome analysis, is used to uniquely determine his race actually only the dialect.

Unless the distant dialect Schwabe can prove two Swabian Parents.

The Swabians are seen as largely a Schwätzrasse.

Unless of course, you could also take refuge under the Non Swabia Swabia race roof, bring the supposedly typical Swabian sociological and individual psychological characteristics, so, casually expressed, each Hutsimpel could become a Schwabe.

Much more important: The detection of Swabia as a race will have a revolutionary impact.

Because the anti-discrimination laws will soon not only make any criticism of Schwabentum legally very reckless, how much more any kind ridicule or disparagement, but will undoubtedly also Alemanni, Franks, Hesse, Saxony, Bavarians and other their racial status gain, so that none at all scoff at absolutely no more or may crack jokes.

This would be because the scandal of Carnival and the Carnival of itself from the world, as well as Cologne and Düsseldorf and Mainz and Wiesbaden had each other and the Republic simply nothing more to say.

Countless useless drunks and accidentally Geschwängerte less.

We need as many indigenous breeds so, so that everyone can feel discriminated against in the Republic whenever he wants?

I think we should be able to get by with no more than twelve or thirteen.

In the case of Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin was still thinking about a city race statute.

In two-thirds majority should decide after introduction, acknowledgment and recognition of the basic breeds of German Rassenrat.

You will pay us Swabia forever that we have brought the intra-German race question on the panel and permanently resolved.

Never have a German is abusing another because of his race or discriminate against, ridicule him, belittle, going on about him, antics tear, herumstänkern, tell oblique jokes about him, his dialect ape messed up, do the little minds, foolishness, grumpy and rough kind mention no, only the eternal praise of all Bavarians, Hesse, Swabia, Saxony, etc. the proud Franke will be spotted all over the country, as it had always been his nature.

At the same time we create in our beautiful fatherland so as automatically with the idiocy from.

Because any idiot is under protection breed, he can no longer be identified as such; and what you can not identify, which in some ways away.

And that is also very accessible.

Because then, any race, without outside interference, to take care of her folk seen statistically more existing idiots themselves.

So you then simply return its small-scale manure Karle, his fish Kalle, his beer Schorsch, the manure Maike, the coals Tünnes, the quarry Hans, the cinema Bine etc.

And may all the energy that was previously wasted race over rough, are now used exactly in the care of this breed members who have not yet been able to achieve their full potential and have the effect not supported.

We are about to breed paradise.

Made in Suebia.

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