The Schwaben State

I have it out now.

As is so often the solution was simple.

The Swabians have therefore the Prenzlauer Berg Berlin occupied, because there only a very small bissle Berlin acts as Stuttgart.

After all, A little hill, from where you can watch a weng down.

This helps against the disease area.

It is of course also a little bit naughty and stubborn.

Perhaps you should think on Prenzlerberg a Schwaben rate.

So not deckelnd like a women's quota, after commanding top, but down.

Not that even a Suebo-Pseudoborussianischer erupts neighborhood war, in the German often battered, but still proud capital.

But do not even think about what would happen if the Prenzlerschwaben all were to withdraw to their homes, home a "lot of Berlin!" - Campaign called into life rafts no Swabian money more on the Spree, they threatened to introduce the Schwaben dollars!

In Stuttgart Swabia a constitution is proclaimed, which relies on the self-sacrifice of the Federal Republic of Germany in the wake of the Lisbon Treaties and their post by applicable disregard and closely inspired by the Swiss Federal model.

The national languages ​​are German and Swabian.

The father of his country, the head of state, directly elected by the people.

The Schwaben Taler emitted from the state-owned Bank Swabia and is based in constitutional always debt-free Swabia alone on the world-renowned energy of him issuing nation.

With the Berlin Republic harmonious and balanced relationships are sought.

Since the Schwaben Republic, remains committed to the Germans, the Berlin Republic is granted a privileged partnership.

These include regular consultations on monetary matters, structural and transport policy, energy supply, etc.

In the security policy, the Swabians Republic declared as strictly neutral.

It has no regular armed forces and stays Swabia dollars for no war Berlin.

Expected proportion According to the current GDP urges the Republic Swabian their batch of gold reserves of the old Berlin Republic.

The Republic of Swabia separates from the legal succession to the Third Reich from final and this can be guaranteed by the new Berlin Republic.

Any claim or legal claims that are ever brought against the New Berlin Republic, can not be asserted against the Swabian Republic.

The Schwaben Republic is neither a member of the EU, nor NATO nor the UN.

For the Swabian Republic sees its noble task in the promotion of science, technology, spirit, art and culture.

Any destructive activities within the meaning of war, mental cruelty, destruction of independence and identity are unknown to her.

Precisely for this reason the Republic of Swabia attaches great importance to a spiritual understanding with the rest of Berlin Germany.

A reunion is not expressly excluded from the Schwaben Constitution, but, under certain conditions, clearly formulated as a state objective.

However, the unification is possible only if two-thirds of the citizens of the Republic of Swabian vote in free and secret ballot for it.

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2 Responses to "The State of Swabia"

  1. Dude says:

    Extreme circumstances usually require radical solutions that tackle the root. To that extent this bristling with creative constructive proposal is a terrific idea, even if he got the category "Satire".

    On the other hand, we could here in Switzerland, the Confederation reintroduce and all righteous Swabia, BW'ler (or is that the same * lol *?), Elässer, Tyrolean - and invite me from even the Bavarians and Franks, to join us.

    The main thing it means radical times are applied, which finally tackle causes rather than always fighting only symptoms.

    One of the first acts would in both cases an expropriation of all Privatkapitalien up to 5 million, and all multinational corporations be predator.

    But then can the NATO with their tomahawks and Apaches probably not long in coming ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I have now the same three guys abfüttern with Schmorkartoffeln and then go for Lidl, where's Swabian costs, but unfortunately usually not of Swiss quality.

    I hope it suggests there is no one and no Apache Tomahawk blows down on the pavement of the Heusteigviertels.

    For over 2000 years Rome and Co. have not taken away us.

    We're here.

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