Berlin: Arabs premium to Swabia

Berlin, want to get rid of the Swabians, get loud interior minister Pankievicz from 1 9. Libyenflüchtlingsgutscheine.

Who a Libyan - -aufnimmt other Arab nationalities shall, at the request and for directing a Swabian capital can "doing considerable and non-bureaucratic responsiveness on the part of the Berlin judicial and social authorities" calculate.

The Schwabenexpellationsprämie should be at least three regular Hartz sentences.

The caning of Swabia do if are also case-oriented exempted from punishment in the public interest.

Medium term, an schwaben Free Berlin the stated goal.

Mayor Wowereit has made a first indication that he had never had a Swabian Lover and also do not remember where this tradition to change anything.

To him be sexy without Swabia.

"Even if times a Schwabe is somewhat half gay, he did not take it that way, as we expect in the capital," the mayor before CNN reporters made a confidential.

A radical minority of the Left calls for preventive castration of all Swabia.

"If civilizations such as the Jewish and Muslim circumcision practice to bring witted phallic reduction of human civilization, the Schwabe must logically be quite enttestikuliert": ie a statement of Feminosen Berlin city, a working group of VERDI.

"The reproductive rate of Swabia in the capital is unbearable; only definite eugenic measures which can still be Lord ": That explains the Berlinische Medical Association.

It seems that would be the exodus of Swabia from Berlin imminent.

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