We. Serve. Not.

I am glad to be a German.

The Aufewigbesiegtsein is, when looking at the local availability and quality of the beer, the hand mixer lever and insulated windows, low price.

Itself only partially suitable for a Volkssturm (wofern to me nachmustert generous), I bring my sons eagerly at, not to serve as a government soldier, the strange whistling follows.

You've probably already largely understood and are probably Beschmeißaffen on a Girls' Day, as they could be to expedite Gutbomben to Afghanistan, Libya or Syria.

Because today everything is voluntary, I can be not even more than a Wehrkraftzersetzer describe how even formerly was the word.

"Traitor" to call me that account, also difficult, since the majority of my people (terrible word, no?) Thinks like me.

Go to Bundeswehr only dreamer, spinner, Stupid and careerists.

To an army that has nothing to do with the good of the people.

At an Army wife with dizziness.

The only serves the global financial rabble.

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4 Responses to "We. Serve. Not. "

  1. Dude says:

    The word "people" (or "citizen") was bolted to the spiral Climax of this day so far perverted and caricatured, so that it can almost provide the crumbled and verklieksten "home" concept Paroli. I'm almost always from one, if I hear lament such Zerbrösel the sheep '

    Maybe that helps Red Kachina ... ... even if I will not quite believe it that.


  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Let you not take your language, otherwise it is sometime away.

  3. Reader says:

    Well, I fear that the times get tough. And conflict-ridden, politically and also in the physical environment. Of course you will notice this in the tranquil hammelburg very late. But in a big city probably already fallen in many of the dime, that the times are turbulent.

    Now I know Hammelburg randomly quite well, because I as a soldier (ie as a dreamer, spinner, Dummer, careerist - or Adventurous?) Was there several times on courses at the Infantry School.

    I'm glad I learned what I learned there and have gained a much broader (and genbrauchsfertiges!) Understanding of human conflict, in several missions.

    My children will go to the army, so little they may serve their own people also. Just as Arminius formed in the Roman army. The acquired skills there can take a nobody. And 90% of the civil service are envious, 90% of the simple military service also, if someone has served in interesting associations in management positions.

    Envy and the realization that 90% of conscientious refusals based on nothing more than cowardice.

    In every matter how bad army virtues are promoted, which can not be promoted in the civil world, but offer a decisive advantage for action in times of crisis.

    Why should I keep my children from this knowledge and skill in an increasingly insecure world Plus? No! For their own benefit and that of their families future I will do everything to ensure that they will serve - even if the army itself certainly not (more?) Own demos serves the German people. The German people? - A beautiful word!

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Reader

    The Infantry School to mutton castle is certainly not a bad military training facility. (Let's leave the topic of women to Beiseit times'.)

    After all, seems our military how to directly declared me proud Hammelburger military parade on the Saale meadows, have probably ever developed the most advanced tactical, integrated infantry concept.

    It is, in every course an Israeli sitting here (official NATO allies are openly enthusiastic guests, I heard privately).

    You have me as a layman (next door at the Sanni booth came the ordered nonsense to the women, but yes also I did not want to talk) pretty well explains how in turn occasionally by articulating squads of just ten men in enemy lines purely on foot and with the backpack can cause considerable damage, very good tarnbar, elusive.

    Everything sounded to me as a non-military Ranger very well thought out and effective.

    The grenade launcher, if needed, weighs only 8 per kilo in addition to three comrades, is assembled in no time.

    You have your G-36 with all kinds of extensions (Night Vision, Laser, 38mm paper, etc.), the specialist, the G-22; over the armor-piercing and bottom air weapons I forgot to specifically ask.

    I did not forget to ask a friendly captain, as unless, if such integrated Infnteriesysteme came once in the hands of the enemy.

    He said after three seconds thinking only: "That should never happen."

    However, if we are already at times, the NATO-high speed rifles (those of the Americans and the British especially, the G36 seems not so easy to shoot hot) is not quite as effective as proven as intended.

    In typical combat distances of 300-400 meters, as in Afghanistan (as if the knew what), seems the classic, rugged AK-47, or shall we say casually, often better to prove the assault rifle 44/2.

    But at least, to save the honor of the Heckler & Koch, still seem to prefer to have all the G36, though Mini ammunition.

    And by the way: This blog is, indeed from (non-military) tradition still "News from mutton castle", but is now created in Stuttgart.

    There are fewer exciting and open-hearted arms fairs, as in mutton castle, but the man can also form some other where.

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