The Germans are cowards

Shit happens.

Since we had a few decades ago one of the best armies in the world, and now the whole re-education has made us miserable hare feet, which may join any decent war of aggression more.

Whether you are probably denazified even thoroughly?

Or the Germanic warrior genes are us have lost?

Why, for anything in the world, the Germans do not like to bomb countries and besatzen?

The spiders, the Germans.

Since it loads it for the past twenty years to finally be struggling times on the right side, pretty risk-free, and in this ungrateful fool people shows no enthusiasm.

You can write in these Germans in the newspapers, whatever you want, just because of their moral obligation and never again and so on, and yet they do not want to in our wars.

And it now seems a bit ridiculous as though we had our own Puff noncontiguous would have if we get not even the Germans to the front.

And it is to be feared that not even our Hasenfußstrategie rises, so that the German war will readily in a national Trotzstolzaufwallung.

You can insult as you want the German Michel now: it makes him not even angry.

The German drives VW, sits in front of his television, is drinking his beer, to Mallorca, completely blunted in any way more of the great adventure of war joyfully erregsam, abgeschlafft, red-faced, used is negligible, the right hinstierend on the beach and on the plane to nothing to use more, lame, peace blessed wreck, a caricature of himself, extinguished any belligerence: and he can thus philosophically each Franzoserei meekly endure, too tired to even densities, he fades away, blinking, between Lake Constance and Bodden.

So this annoying all that you should not take the attention away but that the German could concoct something under this disguise his verdümpelten Bräsigkeit in silence.

There are (semi-) secret circles in which very extensively and in perfect German all that is discussed, which I rather not want to touch here.

Secretly, the back of the garden plot behind the grill, where the women still voluntary help when there is something to do at all times without being asked to bring a new beer, are externally completely unsuspicious, often conspiratorial German collections that, the more vexatious for our People often argue Läufte the world in a dialect barely comprehensible; and the common saying is statistically at such events "The lie but all of them!".

And at midnight, when beer and wine have done their work, you always hear more specific.

The intellectually dangerous German Macho hiding behind grill and oven, from where thousands of small plots anzettelnd.

Basically, you could say that the German, almost regardless of its political direction, lots of beer and wants for little war.

When the Germans we can rely neither on the right hand nor to the left: In no time they drink together against our wars.

The anti-German Germans do not want to go to war and pro-Nazi Germans do not want too.

So keep us only the idiots in between, but most do not want to.

We can count on an unstable fifths of this rabble realistically just.

We have virtually all opinion leaders (considered classic) in the bag, but only a fraction of these miserable drunkard and a grill.

The enemy is in Germany to speak at every turn.

Not even the migrants want to fight.

This is not altered, that many of them bbq pig free.

When I think of German at night

So I am brought to the battle ...

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2 Responses to "The Germans are cowards"

  1. Inge says:

    Well, they do not want to protest quite apart from the old train station in Stuttgart.
    A few days ago I read in a comment that these people just want to be left alone. I can understand though, because so much so hopelessly stubborn and procedural appears that almost do not mind wants to arrive, but the solution is not safe.
    Nevertheless, they do not just want ...
    Who has the Germans pulled the plug? ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Inge

    It is not a solution, but still almost a stalemate.

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