The channeling of Uhle Haronen

Rock through

Make the

Give'em electropie

All the stage

Is of the Mage

The mares not matter

In the end Their lot

Shall fall to the Sage

Know ye not what for

Their neither See nor our bears?

'Tis For their lies

They tyin 'up Their ties

In earnest They wear this rope

Their discipline dope

Their load-string

In cases to hang on

When not to sing.

Neckroundwise fathomth it, its sit, its sweat shirt shit under the neath, the overshowered, under-aired neck

Wheron no bacon

On the outward to be seen.

Sweat then sweetie,

Into your bowels and ass

When heat upwards

Ye to beat

Swallowin 'farce

Round yer necks got stuck

Just for the buck

Ye suck

(The channeling comes from Uhle Haronen and could contain small transmission errors, since the source seemed to be temporarily psychedelic.)

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