Libya Lies: Hooray and Sigh ...

The whole world cheered the overthrow Gaddafi without you. Become his hold of or the fighting near Tripoli really decided

One written obituaries for a not yet fallen man, the same one finally asks abdicate.

In France, giant belly brushing the New After-philosophers.

All stand firmly on the side of the Libyan people.

Westerwelle can imagine a humanitarian Bundeswehr mission.

First toads in the sheep media, as it is this would look with the ability to govern the rebel groups.

Suddenly we have to make all the worries that still something could go wrong, now that everything has gone so well.

Rare sheep media were so slavishly implement ruthless aggressors.

A thoroughly surreal event.

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6 Responses to "Libya Lies: Hooray and Oh no ..."

  1. Bookmark says:

    Without words. Just read:

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Since the coat is eagerly been distributed before the bear is dead.

    Now one has only to consider how to tell all people that the one was quite evil, granted the free education and health care and - in addition to the giant water project - its people the best standard of living in Africa brought.

    I do not know the extent to which reports that NATO had relied from the sea to a considerable extent on Islamist extremist forces, are applicable; many indications, however, that the word will be "quagmire" trying again soon frequently in Anglo-Saxon media.

    The outcome of the case is unclear, even if it should be possible soon to overpower Gaddafi loyalists being.

    And if the Italians their government and oil company will cheer for long, if the refugees anbranden, has also yet to be seen.

    NATO is out of control and plays high-stakes.

  3. Armin says:

    The rebels then sell off the oil as new dictators of Libya? They are, after all, know how to distinguish between friend and foe, is reported. This is quite something (?)

    I feel so out of the reporting that theirs is alive or dead matter. And yes everyone knows what that means ...

    Hope the Libyan citizens with the rebels for a better life? Probably not, because just will eagerly fought around the oil to the symbolic Clearance Libya. What are these rebels? CIA and Al Qaeda. The & you could probably leave out safely. Hmh ...

    And so to come back to recovery the Arab revolution ...

    Hello, hello? Yet another because ??? Probably no one. For emptiness prevails in the deep dark head of the NWO Mafia.

    I come up there Iraq memories. This hole where the came out or something ...

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    A victory French philosopher and British military trainers.

    Gloire, Glory.

  5. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Goeller
    "Vive la grande nation" and "the empire strikes (back)" ... again ...

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    The self-adulation of the French and Brits are embarrassed by and ridiculous.

    The French win because they have the right time the right philosopher and a determined president who follows his advice; the British win because they understand still the most war-craft.

    Moral and military superiority is everything a decent colonial war needs.

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