What? You're a Breivikianer!

It actually seems to be working: Everything is hereby conservative, "right", is Breivik and thus inciting mass murder or prepares such.

I have not read Breivik's pamphlet, it will probably not do as it does not particularly interest me, but learned from several reliable sources that it is aimed against a total of multiculturalism etc..

This is now for Left (and the state terrorists NATO) each, of what is going on by many, is not thrilled, cheap rate a Breivikianer: words would be weapons, it is, each patriotism, not for NATO Rumbomben on half the world stands, is a Nazi mass murder mental preparation.

And of course, more monitoring is required (but not of Masonic lodges, anyway, that I would have heard of it ...), prompted all decent citizens to outlaw any perceived or real "right" movement, to denounce, to denounce, to denounce, pursue, niederzudemonstrieren etc.

Anyway, I'll do a shit and shit myself hastily dissociate from any of Breivik's statements: he may now anyway say anything more, and I do not read his pamphlet.

So I do not know what drinnesteht, and can not therefore bad its distance.

And if a kömmt me with a quote, it holds reinzureiben me, I will simply explain what one except for a Schandbube that he eagerly read the ideas of a mass murderer that would address and spreading.

Probably will scratch around more "left" in his pamphlets, as "rights".

(Just an aside: I'm in a substantial percentages of my political positions classic classical liberal left then to another and then also classically conservative Finally anti-war Patriot Enjoy me while blackening or browning.....)

And what have I to do with this crazy Freemasons?

I'm not even so fair as the.

One thing however is clear: He is addictive.

And very likely of any common sense, that he can have all of these crimes hardly alone prepared and carried out.

I'm interested in those who have helped him, might have.

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2 Responses to "What? You're a Breivikianer! "

  1. Armin says:

    "There is no" Masonic conspiracy ". In lodges no conspiracies are forged. "
    What does Breivik's membership in the Masons?

    The above article I have read today by chance and am a little surprised. The Intelligence is now an FM outlet?

    Under the item then an "interesting" discussion with some weird FM essays. Would be interesting weiterzudiskutieren the topic ...

    Really separate the "Conspiracy" -Geister to the FM. Then the Bilderbergers even come in top standing article comments into play. Many blogs however not discuss the matter or as ... The Intelligence ... publish such "advertising" - article. FM everywhere? What is quite clear that many hold (lower?) FM seriously the Org for something good. It's not intended to offend these people. But the open discussion I would find elementary ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    I take it now at times quite simple.

    No happy world requires obscure secret male societies.

    Such agglomerations are not useful for purely by the logic.

    And seduce and lead men just rather on its dark side, as there, into the open, where their work belonged.

    Alone their usual rapid offended when questioned, speaks to volumes.

    It is a program of cowardice and treachery.

    Except in dire need, in opposition to Übele oppressors, the upright man allied not clandestinely.

    And then only in the sense that the yoke will discarded.

    But the Masons today are not suppressed, not being under the yoke; or who would seriously claim that?

    A secret Notgemeinschaft requires no odd esoteric rituals.

    Since everyone knows what it is.

    If only because of his own neck, and possibly even the family, if not clan and people depend on it.

    You have no arguments for their actions.

    Only chatter.

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